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1.0 Out of 5

Ray’s User Photograph

I have only ever used an electric shaver and I bought this last year - my sixth shaver in 50 years.

Problem is that the foils don't last. I am buying a foil more often than I am charging it!

About to buy my seventh shaver! Not a Remington.

Reviewed; 21st April, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

JOHN THORNE’s User Photograph

Placed order on Sunday, item arrived on Tuesday morning. Fantastic Service.

Reviewed; 17th April, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Simon pearce’s User Photograph
Simon pearce

Good price and quick delivery would definitely use again and recommend.

Reviewed; 15th April, 2014

4.0 Out of 5

David Wheeler’s User Photograph
David Wheeler

I've used this for ages - no annoying smell like similar products, and helps to make a smooth shave.

I use 5 drops max and leave it for 30 seconds as directed. Great results either after washing face, or alternatively on skin prior to shower.

Much more enjoyable shave with the uniform lubrication.

I've never used it for a wet shave (what's that?) so can't comment.

Reviewed; 10th April, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Al Hodson’s User Photograph
Al Hodson

I have had this shaver for 10 years on the same head and batteries and only now does it need both replacing.

Excellent product! Highly recommend!

Reviewed; 10th April, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

thelmawa’s User Photograph

Nothing but praise for the service.

I only ordered this on Sunday afternoon and it was delivered on Tuesday morning. It was packed beautifully too.

Hence the 5 stars rating that I gave.

Reviewed; 8th April, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

lynda’s User Photograph

Bought this for hubby 2 years ago. Brill item, but charger broke. Now they tell me no replacement ones. Great stuff Philips. Only cost me eighty pounds; bit of a rip-off i think.

Reviewed; 6th April, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Parid’s User Photograph

Really happy with this product, arrived the next day as said on the site: so definitely sticking with Shavers UK, a very happy customer!

Reviewed; 5th April, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

A Kamara’s User Photograph
A Kamara

When I called these guys to give me the best shaver for a black man - one that will not give me bumps on my head and no irritation on my skin - Luke, the sales guy, had little problems recommending one - and its this little gem.

After all the nasty experiences with other brands I cannot name here, this shaver has given me a refreshing comfort, and my confidence back.

It arrived the next day and I tested it on a little area on my head to ensure that I will not get any bumps or rashes after use. The shave was smooth and effortless.

I let the shaver glide through my head dry with no gel or cream. Dabbed cold water on my head after the shave, and wiped my head dry with a clean towel. Woke up the next day checked my head out and no irritation or bumps!! Voila! I smiled to myself.

Of course its my first day of use, but the signs are that this is a fantastic shaver and it will live up to expectation.

After long years of using different hair clippers and trimmers on my head, suffering irritation and bumps that have left me scarred on my head, finally - God has answered my prayers. For the black man, look no further. This is the baby to buy.

Its nice to test on a little area of your head or skin first and give it a day+ as all skin are different - but I have a very sensitive skin and most razors and shavers react heavily on my skin. But I am buying another one of these for the keeps as I would never wanna be without one.

Kudos to Panasonic for solving a major problem for black men like me.

Reviewed; 3rd April, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

Chris Harris’s User Photograph
Chris Harris

Very poor. The foil split, leaving a sharp edge, within 2 weeks of purchase, so I have had to reorder another one. The previous foil lasted for several years, so this is both surprising and unacceptable.

Reviewed; 1st April, 2014