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5.0 Out of 5

martyn birchall’s User Photograph
martyn birchall

A great product for fine hair makes hair thicker, my family thought I had bought a wig! After shaving my head for a long time I now use this hair cream and it looks great.

Reviewed; 27th July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

daniel brown’s User Photograph
daniel brown

This is my third replacement cassette and each one has lasted 18 months to 2 years. Thank you.

Reviewed; 27th July, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

Chris Metcalfe’s User Photograph
Chris Metcalfe

I've been a fan of Philips rotary shavers since the age of fourteen, more than fifty years ago, and bought the RQ1180 only because replacement cutting heads for my Philips Coolskin shaver were no longer available.

The style of the RQ1180 can not be disputed but it really is a case of putting this before shaving ability. To attempt a dry shave is futile and even with a wet face the shave takes a long time to achieve even a poor result. The size of the surround to the cutting heads means that a full top lip shave is impossible as the shaver will not reach that awkward part under the nose.

All in all, if I had not (such was my confidence in Philips products) destroyed the packaging, I would have returned it for a refund.

As always, the service from Olympic Shaver Centre was first class. Prompt delivery at a good price. Not their fault that the product is useless.

Reviewed; 24th July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

M BartonHanson’s User Photograph
M BartonHanson

Excellent service and product. Ordered with free standard delivery but was received next day.

Reviewed; 23rd July, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

David Ant’s User Photograph
David Ant

The battery life after ten months is poor. The display goes from 60% charged to dead.

I'm lucky to get a weeks shave from a charge.

Reviewed; 23rd July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

GK’s User Photograph

Service from can't be faulted, at least not by me; they have a high standard and whenever I've ordered from them, they've always maintained that standard.

I bought the Braun 320s-4 Series 3 Shaver to replace an aging Philips Smart-Touch XL (which I also bought from years ago). The battery pack on the Philips was dying and holding less and less charge, and the heads needed replacing.

Given the cost of the rotary heads, and the fact that replacement battery packs aren't readily available (shaver manufacturers don't want their products to last forever), it was cheaper to buy a new shaver than try to keep the old one going.

I had a Braun foil shaver many years ago and switched to the rotary Philips when the foil broke mid-shave and ripped a gash in my face. Time heals all wounds so when the Philips declined I thought I'd give the Braun another try.

The new foil heads are radically different to the old foil and blade cutters of yore. On the Series 3, the whole foil/cutter assembly is in one pull-off cassette (type 32B), so rather than replacing foils and cutters separately, they are replaced as a single unit.

The cutter isn't a rack of vertical oscillating blades either. Now, the cutter is in fact like a second foil mounted below the external foil, and it slides back and forth to cut hairs. Much more efficient, much closer shave as a result.

No electric shaver will ever shave as close as a blade, but the new cassette head arrangement definitely gives a closer shave than the old separate cutter block and foil arrangement (I have a Braun PocketGo for travelling which uses the old system).

Series 3 has a comfortable body which feels solid in the hand, though the head cassette needs careful handling and feels flimsy when pulled off the body for cleaning. The shaver comes with a clear acrylic cover which snaps into place over the head, and which has a neat extension which covers the on/off button to prevent accidental operation in transit. There's no case, you have spend more and get a higher-spec model to get a free case thrown in.

The shaver comes in cardboard box and is sealed in a plastic clamshell packaging so it is visible with the box on display. An inner cardboard box contains the manual, guarantee, power cord, a small cleaning brush, tiny bottle of cutter oil, and the acrylic head guard. The two-pin power cord is surprisingly bulky and together with an adaptor plug (not supplied) projects a long way out of a wall socket. That's it, there's no stand, no case, and at this price-point, that's no surprise.

Braun's website suggests that the shaver is 100% waterproof and can even be used in the shower, but the manual declares only that the shaver is 'washable under running water' and the instructions make a point of suggesting you shave before washing your face. Consequently, I would recommend against using it in the shower.

Oh and of course, don't even think of washing it or using it in the shower with the power cable in use.

Two ways of cleaning it; remove the head cassette and give it a tap and a shake to dislodge the trimmings, or wash the whole head attached to the shaver under the tap. The manual describes both and when to use the supplied cutter oil to keep the cutters running slick.

In use, the Braun is a bit noisier than the Smart-Touch XL, but not offensively loud to my ears.

Shave quality is improving as my face gets used to the difference between the old rotary cutters of the Philips and the new foil head of the Braun.

It has an integrated trimmer for beards, 'taches, and sideburns, and this is located on the reverse of the shaver.

A push-button releases the trimmer which you slide up with your thumb, and when finished it clicks back into place easy enough.

All in all, a pretty good shaver for those on a budget or for those who regard shaving as a necessary but mundane chore undeserving of hefty expense.

When I want a "Baby's Bottom" shave I use my EJ-89 DE razor, the blades for which cost pennies. When I can't be bothered with the ritual and the mess first thing in the morning, I use the Braun.

So far, so good, and perfectly happy with my purchase.

Reviewed; 19th July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

RBourne’s User Photograph

Excellent service-order one day, received goods the following day.

Reviewed; 18th July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

neatandtidy’s User Photograph

What a great product. Well worth having one especially from Shavers.

Reviewed; 16th July, 2014

4.0 Out of 5

JakeS’s User Photograph

Shaves close, comfortable to hold and use, unlike some competitors is not too heavy or noisy.

Well made - looks premium. Easy to clean.

Charges quickly and gives 60 minutes. Time remaining counter is useful.

Reviewed; 16th July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Gordon Bendall’s User Photograph
Gordon Bendall

Best shaver I have ever used. 5 stars

Reviewed; 12th July, 2014