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5.0 Out of 5

Robbie’s User Photograph

I'm probably the fussiest consumer in the world. I'm a serial returner.

If I don't like a product even slightly I return it back to the shop it came from. I've probably returned around 15 items this year. However this shaver isn't going anywhere!

It's the most amazing product I've bought in years.

I absolutely hate shaving, but I have to have a very close shave or I simply won't go out the door. I've tried electric shavers before but they've never given a shave any where near as close as a razor.

I saw the good reviews on this, and because I've been impressed with my new panasonic toothbrush I thought I'd give this a go.

Thank god I did! Not only is it a very close shave, I think it's even closer than my razor does!

And my skin doesn't have any irritation what so ever. I normally feel like my skin is on fire after a shave.

Now it feels like it did when I was a teenager before I started shaving! Expensive, but it's expensive for a very good reason.

Worth every penny!

Reviewed; 29th August, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

dennis’s User Photograph

Excellent - it does the job; did not realise how bad my shaver had gone till I replaced it from

Will definitely use them again - delivered with in a couple of days.

Reviewed; 28th August, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

norman anderson’s User Photograph
norman anderson

Top shaver: ordered on-line, got it 24 hours later and did not ask for express delivery.

Really chuffed, will be using the company again.

Reviewed; 28th August, 2014

2.0 Out of 5

Mike’s User Photograph

This was a replacement for my old Philips Coolskin, which was the best shaver I have ever used.

This one, however, is not a patch on it.

It takes twice as long to shave and the results are nowhere near as good. The worst part is that the head comes away from the body of the shaver at the slightest pressure.

Definitely not recommended.

The second star is only for battery life, which is excellent.

Reviewed; 27th August, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

chriswood’s User Photograph

Well the 5-blade is a definite improvement on the 4-blade ones; you can hear it adjusting the shaving force to cope with different depths of stubble.

The cleaning unit too is much improved: ironically, being similar to the Braun system now, using cleaning liquid instead of solid soap which eventually left soap deposits on the razor and the cleaning unit.

Unfortunately the new improved cleaning unit won't work with the old 4-blade razor.

The only real gripe I have is the power lead socket which faces down so the least little nudge and it falls out and its almost impossible to re-attach without inverting the unit to see what you are doing and that means removing the cleaning tank full of liquid first. Its a bad piece of design and badly thought out.

But overall, I would still thoroughly recommend this razor a definite step up from a 4-blade with a much improved cleaning system.

Reviewed; 26th August, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

Fred Davis’s User Photograph
Fred Davis

How anyone can recommend this product for use with an electric shaver is beyond me.

I have just bought a Panasonic ES-RF31 wet/dry shaver from and thought I'd try a dry pre-electric with it.

I found it was no better than any wet pre-electrics I'd used in the past, made me look like Frankenstein's monster and totally blocked my shaver with powder, making it very difficult to clean.

My advice, don't waste your money.

Reviewed; 24th August, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

chris packer’s User Photograph
chris packer

First class service, fast delivery and the Braun 320s-2 is brilliant.

Reviewed; 22nd August, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Roy H’s User Photograph
Roy H

Excellent service, I received a new cutter and foil for my shaver at a competitive price and within 24 hours of ordering, what more could you ask for.

Reviewed; 19th August, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

Mike ’s User Photograph

I agree totally regarding the outrageous price of the sachets of cleaning fluid - last how long - dependent on use about 3 weeks!

Shame on you Panasonic for detracting from a good shaver with the price of the cleaning sachets.

Reviewed; 17th August, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

trevor smith’s User Photograph
trevor smith

Excellent shaver. Excellent service. What more can I say. Overall a very pleasing purchase.

Reviewed; 15th August, 2014