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5.0 Out of 5

Simon’s User Photograph

Ok, received my shaver yesterday afternoon, 48 hours after ordering, very well packaged and prompt delivery. This is the second order I have placed with this company over the years and their service is always outstanding.

The shaver took 1 hour to fully charge and the weight and build quality is second to none. I have shaved twice now with the product, and well what can I say...Wow outstanding!

I have always been a wet shave chap, but I find blades just don't seem to be what they used to be, and seem to blunt extremely quickly on me, so I thought I would give this Panasonic a trial. I am so glad I did.

The results are amazing, I have never had such a close shave ever, absolutely no irritation or redness.

The motor omits a sonic noise rather than a whirring if that makes sense, pretty high pitched but super smooth performance. The cleaning station is a breeze to operate and cleans, lubricates and dries the razor as well.

Quite frankly, at this price, it's a no brainer. Buy one, you will not be disappointed.

Pros: Everything

Cons: None!

Many thanks Guys - Superb.

Reviewed; 19th November, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Gadnek’s User Photograph

Excellent product and matching service!

Reviewed; 18th November, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

david’s User Photograph

I absolutely agree with the other review, why on earth do these.

Manufacturers sell these things without thinking about the replacement UK rotary blades for this product?

The nearest i have come across is in the USA, decent product, but what's the point when you can't get the replacement blades here in the UK!

Reviewed; 17th November, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

R B ’s User Photograph

Very pleased with purchase and very quick delivery.

Reviewed; 16th November, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Ken’s User Photograph

New blades means more years of better shaves.

Perfect service from again.

Reviewed; 15th November, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

navy marty’s User Photograph
navy marty

Fantastic price, super fast delivery, would recommend and use again, thanks.

Reviewed; 14th November, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

MSmith’s User Photograph

I found no difference between the replacement foil and the original. Both very satisfactory.

Reviewed; 14th November, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Ian Newcastle’s User Photograph
Ian Newcastle

It's a foil shaver, so expect to replace the foil every 6 months to a year.

The plus side is that if you stretch the skin, it gives a very close shave indeed and better than the triple rotary ones. In fact Remington foils are virtually as smooth as the wet razor, soap and cuts!

This razor is chunky and gives the feel of a quality product.

Reviewed; 12th November, 2014

1.0 Out of 5

Terence P’s User Photograph
Terence P

You don't expect the cheapest to be the best, but even at this price it can't be recommended.

The straight clipper blade doesn't relate to the inside curve of the nostril, so doesn't get hold of the hairs to cut them.

I couldn't get any use from it at all, and in the end I just threw it away.

Reviewed; 11th November, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

LittleStu’s User Photograph

Excellent product, fantastic value. I was on a very limited budget and this was the best one I could afford for the price. Shaves close and very easy to clean. Highly recommended.

Reviewed; 7th November, 2014