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2.0 Out of 5

Bazzer’s User Photograph

I purchased this shaver in September 2013. Initially, the results were quite acceptable but recently they have deteriorated to the point where I am seriously considering replacing it.

This shaver is nowhere near as good as my old Panasonic ES8249 which had a linear motor.

Age and the batteries failing to hold the charge forced me to replace that unit, how I wish that I had gone for another Panasonic.

Reviewed; 3rd July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Brian Wood’s User Photograph
Brian Wood

Ordered Sunday evening, arrived Tuesday morning, excellent service. Dissapointed on the price, but that is Phillip's doing. Would use again.

Reviewed; 1st July, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

DG huddersfield’s User Photograph
DG huddersfield

Excellent service, quality product

Reviewed; 27th June, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Charles Garner’s User Photograph
Charles Garner

Can't comment on shaver as only just started to use but can comment on service: excellent.

Wrong item initially delivered (we all make mistakes!) but rectified with lightning speed.

Would definitely use again.

Reviewed; 25th June, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

G Murray’s User Photograph
G Murray

I have been a user of a Braun Micron bought in the mid-1980s, and until recently had been able to source replacement foils and cutters. No longer; they've discontinued their manufacture.

Which was a shame because the motor worked like new. However the last two replacement plastic foil housings cracked in no time suggesting they had been made some time ago and had weakened because of their age. So, I was compelled to replace my shaver.

I started my research and in time I dropped on this website. I was given useful advice from Luke and placed an order for a 5-blade Panasonic.

Although very expensive, I can definitely believe this is a class-leading product. The difference between this and my trusty old Braun Micron is remarkable.

Quite simply, I couldn't have believed this sort of evolution was possible.

Quick, smooth, close and burn-free shaves. At this price point the product really has to be as good as perfect. I believe it is.

The product arrived the next day as promised.

Thank you - your service has been commendable.

Reviewed; 23rd June, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Cricket’s User Photograph

Very fast delivery and good product.

Reviewed; 21st June, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Mike F’s User Photograph
Mike F

Replaced my trusty ES-8249 with this last week and it's even better! Excellent faster and smoother shave, until you try one you won't believe it!

Thanks for the advice, Luke , unbeatable price and fast next day delivery.

Reviewed; 20th June, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

MISTERWINT’s User Photograph

The last electric shaver I bought was from the Philips Quadra range, some 13 years ago. I never liked shaving with it but did so because it was an awful lot of money to spend so I put up with it for years.

About three years ago I went back to wet shaving because the Philips cutters needed replacing and I wasn't going to spend more money on a shaver that I hated.

I don't like wet shaving, which was the reason I stopped and went onto the Philips.

I've always wanted a Panasonic shaver because from the first one they bought out they always seem to get good reviews. Eventually I was in a position where I could buy a new shaver and so it had to be the ES-LV95 and I had to have the cleaning unit because they've always fascinated the geek side of me.

Because I think I know better than everyone else I didn't bother to read the instructions and so for the first few shaves I had the ES-LV95 set on "normal". This setting gave a better shave than my old Philips but not as good as I was expecting from this shaver. Then I decided that I would have a wet shave with it and so went to the instruction manual to see if there was anything specific I should do for wet shaving.

It was there that I found the "shaving sensor" setting and so I headed back to the bathroom and had another dry shave but with using the "shaving sensor" setting and well it is beyond amazing. It cut through my stubble with ease, giving a very close and even shave which I say is as good or even better than what I've had from a manual razor.

On top of that I got no shavers rash, which is something I always got from my old Philips.

The cleaning unit isn't necessary but I love gadgets and so if I'd bought this shaver without the cleaning unit I'd have felt as though I'd missed out.

The unit gives the shaver a good clean, then dries and charges. The sachets of cleaning fluid are quite highly priced and if used daily will only last 30 days. Having read the instructions properly I find that once the fluid is inside the cleaner and water added, it states that the fluid needs changing at least once every six months or when an indicator light on the unit comes on warning that the fluid is low.

I think this suggests that if you're not going to clean your shaver daily, that the fluid will last longer than 30 daily cleans.

I guess it's down to the judgement of individual users.

That aside, the shaver smells lovely of lemons after it has been through a clean.

To summarise, if you want a really good electric shave then I think the ES-LV95 is worth a punt of anyone's money. I'm more than happy with my purchase and very impressed with the excellent service from Olympic Shaver Centre.

Reviewed; 12th June, 2014

4.0 Out of 5

Leo’s User Photograph

Needed replacement charger. Pricey, but fast service. Replacement works fine.

Reviewed; 6th June, 2014

5.0 Out of 5

Stuart Leyland’s User Photograph
Stuart Leyland

Excellent product, Excellent value. Will be buying again in the future. Thanks

Reviewed; 2nd June, 2014