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Braun 590cc-3 Series 5 Shaver

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Braun 590cc-3 Series 5 Shaver Reviews (1–10 of 11)

2.0 Out of 5

W Leicester’s User Photograph
W Leicester

The Shaver its self is ok but as for the parts well that is another thing I think that I would rather go out and buy cheap wet blades from pound land then pay for a piece of foil that would not cost its weight in gold not even the cutting blades on this shaver are that thick.

I think that I will look around for another make of shaver without the expensive parts.

Reviewed; 30th September, 2011

5.0 Out of 5

Tony, Norwich’s User Photograph
Tony, Norwich

Tested the website's claim and placed my order just after half past midday. Back from work pm the following day and guess what, no parcel. Ha... so much for "guarateed next day delivery". No sooner had I sat down for my dinner, Next door neighbour turns up on the door step with a box in his hand. Yes it was the shaver he had taken it from Parcel Force as there was no one in at ours.

A very user friendly website and did what it claimed.

As for the shaver having used Braun 5000 series for many years which I thought was a very good shaver especislly for my thick stubbles, The quality of the shave with the 590 is much better and smoother. The comfort settings are a great option. Very impressed

Reviewed; 9th January, 2011

5.0 Out of 5

Tony’s User Photograph

I am very satisfied with my Braun shaver, cuts very well,easy to use, always have Braun shavers.

I paid the 4 pounds for Express delivery, and it arrived the next working day. Also it was the NEW series 5-590cc-3 model, at half the price of Amazon and other dealers.

I will be shopping at Shavers.co.uk again, and will recomend them.

Reviewed; 27th September, 2010

5.0 Out of 5

MARK’s User Photograph


Reviewed; 18th August, 2010

5.0 Out of 5

MDV’s User Photograph

I broke this year my Braun 7000er which served me well for many years. I bought the new Braun 590cc shaver via shaver.co.uk, because I thought that the 590 offered the best price-performance ratio.

I am shaving now with the 590 for some month and I am still very impressed. In comparison to my old razor (which was satisfying): The cut is much closer and cleaner. I have to go over an area only one or two times and the noise level is significant smaller.

Additional improvements are the battery status lights and that the razor indicates now by itself when it is time to change the razor blade block.

Very nice product and highly recommended.

Reviewed; 26th November, 2009

2.0 Out of 5

Mark Warwickshire’s User Photograph
Mark Warwickshire

Had 2 previous Braun foil shavers which I liked - the basic issue with the 590 is that it doesn't give a clean cut - on my neck area I have to keep going over and over the same place to achieve a decent finish - causing irritation.... I haven't got the time to keep using this shaver every morning - I want something which does the job right first time!

Reviewed; 14th November, 2009

5.0 Out of 5

G’s User Photograph

I just bought this shaver and first impression is great.

I tried various shavers in the past and also wet shaving but always came back to the Braun models. This is my 4th Braun model and each previous one lasted about 8 years. In fact they all still work but I just fancied a change and it was also a bit more difficult to get replacement blades. I had a top of the range Philips in 2000 which I changed after about 6 month as it just did not suit my shaving... took too long and shave was not close enough. But again, thats a matter of personal taste...my dad loved that Philips.

Now, I am a heavy shaver....in fact I shave nearly every day and also my head. So in terms of reliability and quality I could not complain to much till now.

What I found with all shavers was that it took me about 6 to 7 weeks to get fully adjusted (somehow the beard grows different after a while and its so much easier to get a close shave).

This new device is great. The first shave was smooth, and incredibly fast. The progress Braun makes with every new generation is fantastic. It is also much more silent and the fact that I can clean it under water is even better.

I would say that price and performance are in good ratio...you get a very good device for this money.
If this lasts me again 8 years then I can only say it was another Braun bargain (don't forget...for me this is also like my personal hair dresser ;-)
Braun is the Mercedes of the shavers...if you want reliable, good, solid shaver with great performance...you know what to get.

Btw, I like your site shavers.co.uk

Ordered shaver at 12pm and was here next day at 1pm. Thank you very much!

Yep, you can hear I am very happy for now...so I hope the thing is not going to break down on me after sending this review...will give an update in 6 to 7 weeks:-)

Cheers, G.

Reviewed; 13th February, 2009

4.0 Out of 5

Gordon’s User Photograph

Shaver is excellent - quiet, smooth and efficient.

Reviewed; 31st January, 2009

1.0 Out of 5

Ed’s User Photograph

I have had a Panasonic shaver for many years now and thought that I would try these new Brauns to see if they had improved as much as the adverts said.
After 3 weeks now of use I am very dissapointed in it and now realise just how fantastic the top end Panasonics are! I have fairly heavy growth, but by lunch time now I need to shave again which I never did with the Panasonic, and it takes easily twice as long for me to shave in the mornings!

The shaver isn't bad, the cleaning system is fine, but it just no way as good as a Panasonic Linear motor shaver - i can not wait to go back to them.

On another note, the Braun doesnt come with a protective cap, so the chances are you will bash the foil to pieces if you travel anywhere..that is just stupid!

Reviewed; 22nd January, 2009

3.0 Out of 5

Stewart’s User Photograph

Having just purchased one of these, we are unable to get the cartridge in as the base will not open fully, it appears to be jamming. BRAUN have a contact number (Proctor & Gamble UK) that when you ring you go through various automatic exchanges only to be told to ring another number as they no longer hold the brand, you have to ring a shop in Nottingham.

BOOTS in Maidstone tell me that they will probbaly change the unit.

Reviewed; 29th December, 2008