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Essential Beards Italian Lemon 30ml Beard Oil

a Essential Beards Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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There are numerous reasons why our beard oil range remains among the best-selling items in the entire Essential Beards collection. Not only does our beard oil offer excellent hydration, protection and nourishment, but the huge range of fragrances available make it easy for you to find just the right scent to suit your personal tastes.

Contrary to popular belief, beard oils are not just for men with long, established beards. A beard oil is better at penetrating the hairs to get to the skin beneath the beard, which it moisturises and soothes. It’s for this reason that new beard growers should always invest in a good beard oil, as it can help with the irritation and itchiness that characterises the first few months of growing a beard.

A special blend of the finest natural ingredients, including sweet almond, coconut and hemp seed oils combine to revitalize even the driest of beards. We use no petroleum-based ingredients in our beard oils, which tend to seal in dryness, rather than actually moisturise your beard. You’ll notice the difference from your very first application and you’ll soon get used to receiving compliments on the refreshing yet manly fragrance of your newly oiled beard. 

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