Beard Care

You've gone to the trouble of growing a fine beard so now's a great time to think about long term care and maintenance. A very simple application of oil or soap can have numerous benefits and far outweigh the small cost and effort involved. From personal experience we find it helps soften and condition the beard hair and make it a lot more comfortable to wear and less prone to irritation or itching from sharp whiskers. A current favourite is the Men Rock beard care range. If you haven't already, make sure you're using a good quality, reliable beard trimmer.

As any connoisseur will tell you, good beard care is essential in keeping a clean, comfortable and well maintained beard. Specialist beard cleansers are formulated to gently clean your facial hair without stripping your beard’s natural oils and a good beard oil will keep it in check. Beard oil makes the hair far more manageable, softening it and stopping split ends from becoming like sharp razor wires and it’s not difficult! Simply apply a few drops to your fingertips, work it slowly into your beard and you’re good to go. Many beard wearers actually prefer the subtle scent of a beard oil as an alternative to an aftershave.