Beard Trimmers

Whether you’ve just decided to grow a luscious beard, already have one that’s getting a little tough to handle or fancy a new beard grooming tool, we've assembled the full selection of the best beard trimmers for 2018 from all the major brands. Chosen for their mix of styling capabilities and at a range of budgets, each beard trimmer offers great performance and will enable you to style your beard to your needs.

Top Tip: If you maintain a beard and have never tried a beard soap or oil you're definitely missing out, be sure to take a look at our beard oil in the beard care section for plenty of choice and an explanation of the benefits. For more information on living with a beard, our guide to the modern man's beard is also a useful and informative read.

Whatever the length, pruning is essential for a well-groomed beard and a regular trim will maintain your chosen shape and remove any split ends. At Shavers we have selected the best beard trimmers and clippers on the market, so you can ensure your beard or designer stubble looks exactly how you like it.

Growing a beard takes time and patience and it’s not going to be magnificent from day one. Facial hair grows at different rates and in different directions so you’ll need to wait a while for it to bed in and get an even coverage. When you first start growing, leave it untouched and untrimmed for the first 4-6 weeks. As tempting as it is to trim and style before then, you will just prolong this initial phase.

While you may not initially be trimming the main bulk of the beard, around the edges, your jawline or neck may need some tidying up from day 1. Having a good quality beard trimmer to hand, even at this early stage will make it much easier to maintain a respectable look at all times. Set to its lowest setting, the beard trimmer can remove any hairs where the beard extends too far down the neck and create a nice clean edge and start to build out the beard shape.