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Below The Belt 541918 Active Collection Gift Set

a Below The Belt Gift Set

Gift Set

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Key features

  • MICROFIBRE TOWEL 60cm x 40cm - An ultra absorbent, quick drying, lightweight towel perfect for the gym, sports, travel and other leisure activities that may work up a sweat. This effective but compact towel will take up less space than a traditional cotton towel so you will easily find a place for it in your gym bag.
  • FRESH & DRY BALLS | 75ml - Use Fresh and Dry Balls everyday as part of your daily grooming routine, just like an anti-perspirant deodorant, except for your balls. The specially formulated moisturising gel is easy to apply and rapidly absorbs moisture to leave you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable for up to 8 hours. Smooth, sheer application which dries to a silky, soft finish leaving no residue behind - no more white marks on your clothes! Active, modern fragrance with a burst of sharp citrus fruits spiced with a hint of black pepper.
  • SPORTS LUBRICANT | 50ml - The perfect protection for anyone who experiences the discomfort of skin chafing. Ideal for use before or after any activities whether that be at the gym, cycling, running, rowing, triathlon or other endurance sports. A soothing, moisturising anti friction balm that is formulated to form a gentle, long lasting protective barrier on the skin to prevent against chafing and irritation between skin, clothing or footwear. Use liberally wherever and whenever you need it to stay comfortable and free from chafing. Suitable for use on thighs, groin area, bum, arms, feet, nipples and other areas of skin where friction can occur.



Below The Belt Grooming has been specifically formulated to make life for the active, sporty man more comfortable. An essential gift set for the gym goer, fitness fanatic, or sports enthusiast. Whether you are an athlete or just starting out, chafing is uncomfortable and can become painful so prevention is key. This set will ensure you stay dry, comfortable and chafe free so you can just enjoy the ride.

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