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5 Common Skin Types and How to Care For Them When Shaving or Growing a Beard

Written by Advice Team on March 2, 2018

It’s important to understand what your skin type is, so you can effectively take care of it. Your skin is your largest organ, and it faces and adapts to different environments and seasons daily. If you don’t look after your skin, it can easily become dull and tired.

Our skin’s needs change over time and as its prone to change based on the weather, the environment, lifestyle and diet, checking in on your skin type could really help benefit your overall grooming routine. Take a look at our guide to determining your skin type and caring for it when shaving or growing a beard.

What is your skin type?

Normal skin

Men with normal skin aren’t prone to breakouts or razor burn. The t-zone (the bridge of the nose and above the brow) doesn’t tend to become oily either. However, generally speaking, they are still susceptible to dryness which is often caused by the environment and changes in weather. We’d still recommended weekly exfoliation and using a moisturiser that’ll keep your skin looking fresh, such as Bluebeards Revenge.

Oily skin

Excess oil can often leave pores clogged causing breakouts and blackheads. It can sometimes leave the skin with a bit of a sheen and your t-zone (the bridge of the nose and above the brow) prone to oiliness. A gentle exfoliation will clean the skin and remove any excess dirt and oil. We’d recommend a balm or powder stick over using an oil as your pre shave product. Blocmen have a range of powder sticks and we’d recommend their original powder stick to keep skin soft and smooth.

Dry skin

You might find that your skin feels tight and increasingly more uncomfortable throughout the day. It could become itchy and you may even experience noticeable flaking. If you smooth your fingertips across your skin and it feels rougher to the touch, it’s likely that your skin has become dry. Although dry skin is partially down to genetics, environmental factors do play a big part in the condition of dry skin. Lifestyle, diet, hormones and even the climate can affect skin type. Ever noticed how your skin feels tighter after going out from the cold and into a heated office space after?

Dehydration leads to dry skin, so drinking plenty of water is a plus but also ensuring you’re putting the moisture back into your skin.

Shaving every day can lead to dryness due to shaving products drying out the skin and the continual use of a blade against it. Use a hydrating pre and post shave product to refresh the skin, and keep it feeling smooth and healthy. It’s also worth exfoliating weekly to remove any dead cells from the surface of your skin.

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If you’re growing a beard - the hair becomes coarser and absorbs the moisture from the skin. You might have experienced beard itch from time to time. That’s because the skin beneath your beard is dry and in need of a little moisture. A great beard oil will help nourish the hair and skin beneath, and regular beard washing will keep it looking healthy and full.

Sensitive skin

Men with sensitive skin are generally prone to razor burn, blemishes and irritation. If you’re shaving daily and not giving your skin time to recover, that can lead to uncomfortable inflammation. Experiencing sensitive skin could be down to the type of shaving tool you’re using, too. Cartridge razors aren’t always the best for men with sensitive skin, as the blades blunt quickly and often require men to go over the same area multiple times. Take a look at our article on cartridge razors vs electric shavers for more information.

When it comes to treating sensitive skin, we’d recommend a good pre shave product that’ll lift the hair from the skin. By lifting the hair, you’re not having to press harder or go over the same area to achieve a smooth shave. Pre shave products also product the skin by giving the blade a surface to easily glide over.

When it comes to sensitive skin, we’d recommend the Blocmen Derma or Aloe Vera powder stick. They’re both perfect for men with sensitive skin - see our top pre shave products as reviewed by our customers.

When it comes to post shave care, we’d recommend products that are alcohol and paraben free. If the product contains aloe vera or witch hazel, it’ll help soothe and nourish the skin after shaving, so it’s ideal for those who suffer from irritation. We’d recommend The Bluebeards Revenge post shave balm.

Combination skin

Combination skin can be a mix of all the different skin types and changes with environmental conditions, the weather, diet and lifestyle. We’d recommend following the simple steps of weekly exfoliation and using a pre shave and post shave product to nourish and protect skin.

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