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Tips to Get a Better Shave on Your Neck

Written by Advice Team on September 7, 2016

Your neck can be a difficult area to shave and you may find it difficult to achieve the result you want. The hair on your neck grows in a variety of directions, which makes it tricky for a single stroke of the shaver to catch as much as it might around the rest of your face. With that in mind, k Read article...

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Written by Advice Team on May 24, 2016

Father’s Day 2016 is on 19th June this year and now is the time to start searching for that perfect gift. Regular grooming is important for maintaining that designer stubble, rocking the beloved beard or achieving a superior clean shave, but not every man has the best tools for the job. Shavers Read article...

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him

Written by Advice Team on January 28, 2016

Disclaimer: In a break from our usual style, this is mostly written from a female perspective. While as men we often think our grooming needs are simple and modest, it can still look confusing from your partner's perspective! Looking for a gift for her? Check out Shavers’ sister site, BeautyKit Read article...