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How To Prevent Scratchy Beard Burn and Rash When Kissing

Written by Advice Team on October 13, 2020

It might not be so much of a problem for you — the beard wearer — but your partner might have sensitive skin, and when your beard comes into contact it can be especially scratchy and cause irritation and a rash. An uncomfortable one at that! Here are our top tips for helping to prevent beard Read article...

Vegan No Hair Crew Body & Intimate Hair Removal Cream

Written by Advice Team on September 7, 2020

Whether it’s personal preferences, you’re trying something new, showing off your tattoos or removing hair for sport, there’s no shame in hair removal. Many of us have been there and maybe even reached for a partner’s Veet from time-to-time. We’re introducing No Hair Crew and their Body a Read article...

Why Does My Breath Smell Bad Under A Face Mask

Written by Advice Team on July 30, 2020

Now that we’re all wearing face masks for work, public transportation or shopping, it’s possible that you might have noticed the smell of your breath more and more. Although you might not have realised in the past, a bad breath smell is harder to ignore when it’s contained beneath a face mas Read article...

How To Deal With Beard Itch Under A Face Mask

Written by Advice Team on July 29, 2020

Throughout quarantine, many of us put down our electric shaver and razor, and turned our attention toward letting our lockdown beards bloom. Not quite the full beard some of us might have been hoping for (give it time) but we suspect that you’ll have encountered beard itch and if not, you might Read article...