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Beard Care - Balms vs Oils

Written by Advice Team on July 19, 2017

Growing a magnificent beard can take months, even years to achieve and keeping a beard looking epic is no mean feat! That being said, with a bit of TLC and a proper beard care routine you can keep your facial fuzz feeling fresher and fuller and looking finer at every stage, from stubble to full beard.

A vital step that many men neglect is applying a beard finishing product - schoolboy error - beards need care and attention to keep looking good! By adding a quality beard balm or beard oil into your beard grooming toolbox not only will you improve the appearance of your beard but you will also reduce friction, minimise breakage and split ends and lower the risk of itchiness, beard dandruff and dry skin - so it’s a no brainer.

But what’s the difference between a beard oil and beard balm we hear you say. A lot of men get in touch with our experts asking this very question, so we’ve broken it down to help you decide which product is best for you and your well groomed beard.

Beard Balm

What is it good for?
Beard balm is a multi-purpose beard care product designed to help style, shape and condition your beard. Beard balm helps achieve a healthier, fuller looking beard and tends to give a little more hold than beard oil. It will also provide less sheen, resulting in a more matte appearance. Go for a beard balm if you want to tame an unruly beard, whilst conditioning at the same time.

Beard balm is set solid rather than being in liquid form. It usually comes in a low sided tin and has a similar texture and consistency to lip balm. When heated up in your fingertips, the balm turns to an oily paste.

How is it made?
Beard balm is made by heating the solid ingredients until melting point, adding the carrier and essential oils, then leaving to cool to create a solidified balm.

The 4 primary ingredients that make up beard balm are beeswax, butter, carrier and essential oils.

How to use
- First wash your beard with a specifically formulated beard cleanser
- Balm works best when your beard is slightly warm and damp so blot gently with a towel post wash
- Use the back of your thumbnail to scrape out some balm - a little goes a long way so don’t go mad
- Spread the balm evenly across palms and fingertips until you achieve an even consistency
- Start by using fingertips to work the product into hair around the jawline and cheek area
- Then use long strokes with your palms to shape and apply product to the full length of your beard, root to tip
- Finally brush through with a natural boar bristle brush or scrunch to suit, depending on your desired style

Beard Oil

What is it good for?
Beard oil is a leave in moisturiser and conditioner to help moisturise and nourish your skin, soften your beard, reduce itching and encourage healthy growth. It gives your beard a great shine too! Opt for beard oil if you want your beard to retain it's natural shape, but feel and look nourished and healthy.

How is it made?
Beard oil is a blend of organic cold pressed carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils.

Made from various essential oils such as evening primrose, grapeseed, almond, coconut and jojoba oil.

How to use
- Oil can be applied to both a wet and dry beard, depending on your preference
- Shake 4-6 drops of oil onto your palm
- Rub your hands together to disperse the oil evenly over your palms and fingertip
- Start from your neck working your fingers up your bear
- Massage through the full length of your beard, root to tip and even on your skin
- Finally brush through with a natural boar bristle brush or with your fingers to ensure even hair is coated throughout

Recommended product
The Bearded Man Co offer Natural Beard Oil is available in a wide variety of fragrances such as Oakmoss, Bay Rum, Black Coffee and Spanish Orange, among others. They contain a blend of 100% natural oils and essential oils, coating the beard hair to naturally soften and nourish it for easy management. The fast-absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy formula ensures the product doesn't feel heavy and leaves both your beard and skin happy and healthy.

For many men, it comes down to personal preference, but whichever option you choose ensure you add at least one of these beard grooming essentials into your beard grooming routine - your beard will thank you for it.

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