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Below The Belt Grooming For Men to Prevent Perspiration

Written by Advice Team on August 28, 2019

We’ve all suffered weather whiplash the last few months and with September on the horizon, we’re still expected to have some hot spells. That said, we’ve all experienced the very real issue of sweaty balls. Whether suffering through, turning to talcum powder or desperately giving in to an antiperspirant deodorant (don’t do it!), there’s been lots and lots of sweat. It’s a very real issue.

Below The Belt Grooming For Men
to Prevent Sweaty Balls

how to stop sweaty balls

Groin sweat is the worst. Not only is it incredibly uncomfortable and will leave you feeling awkwardly moist, there’s little to stop it in the moment, other than fanning yourself (obviously) with the nearest flat object. We’ve all been there and we’ve all suffered through “swamp crotch” together; united. The great news is, there’s a product now available that combats perspiration, so that we (and our balls) can feel fresh and dry all day long.

Below The Belt decided to create a skincare range that fights the discomfort of perspiration in the groin area and maintains long-lasting freshness for that “out of the shower” clean feeling. They produced a product that gives men more confidence in hotter weather, travelling, in the gym or just day-to-day in the office. Their straight-talking sprays and gels get the job done, without embarrassment or awkwardness. Forget the sweat, itching and rashes, Below the Belt has us covered.

Below The Belt Fresh - 75ml Instant Clean Balls

Tired of not feeling fresh? Whether you made an error of judgement and chose to wear jeans on a hot and sweaty day, are suited and booted for a wedding or aren’t going to be near a shower anytime soon, Below The Belt is for you. The “Instant Clean Balls” spray has a gentle formulation for sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested, so it’s safe to use down there.

It’s a no-mess alternative to talcum powder, vegan and entirely cruelty-free, as well as promising long-lasting freshness. It’s ideal to use when a shower isn’t possible or for really hot summer days in the UK and whilst travelling. Apply the clear, quick-drying spray around your balls and groin area to instantly freshen up below the belt.

Below The Belt Active - 75ml Fresh & Dry Balls

Spray not your style?

This specially formulated moisturising gel is easy to apply and rapidly absorbs moisture to leave you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable for up to 8 hours. A smooth, sheer application that dries silky soft and leaves no residue behind (that means no more marks on your clothes). Use every day as part of your daily grooming routine just like an antiperspirant deodorant, except this one is for your balls.

If your commute is putting a damper on things (literally), you’re sat in a warm office all day, heading to the gym or just want to know your prepared for a hot day out, try fresh and dry balls for keeping you comfortable and confident.

Also available in citrus fruits and cooling mint.

Below The Belt - The Cool Collection Gift Set

Want to double up?

Give the gift of dry balls to yourself with both the Instant Clean Balls spray and Fresh & Dry Balls moisturising gel and stay dry for the rest of summer and beyond.

Been thinking about trimming and shaving your balls too?

It can be a bit daunting, to begin with. There are several benefits to shaving and trimming your balls and although Below The Belt’s products have got you covered for perspiration, a little maintenance could help improve hygiene further. Read our guide on how to shave your balls and the benefits of doing so.