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Best Electric Shavers, Ranked & Rated!

Written by Advice Team on December 2, 2015

Want the best electric shaver or razor? When in doubt, it's always useful to see what the other guy is doing - or in this case, buying! More than likely they've spent considerable effort researching their purchase, so seeing what's popular is a good way to shorten your own research time by only focusing on what are likely the best deals, as judged by your fellow electric shaver users.

Best electric shavers, ranked & rated


Everyone wants to be sure they've chosen the best electric shaver for their needs. Obviously, with any purchase, one such need is likely budget. It's a really simple way to narrow your choice down to a manageable number of options and would be one of the first things to consider when choosing your next electric shaver. As a starting point, it can also tell you if you need to spend more to get the features you need, or even if a more economical model would suit you just as well.

To help with all this, we've compiled a list of our best selling electric shavers, but crucially, we've broken it down into best selling within popular price brackets. This is a great way to ensure you're focusing on just the models that other customers with a similar amount to spend considered the best choices.

Alternatively, if you're new to electric shavers, you may wish to checkout our guide to choosing your perfect electric shaver first.

These lists are live and represent all customer purchases over the last few days...

Best Selling Shavers Under £40

Best Selling Shavers £40-70

Best Selling Shavers £70-£100

Best Selling Shavers £100-£150

Best Selling Shavers £150-£200

Best Selling Shavers £200+