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Braun Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Written by Advice Team on November 13, 2015

Braun are one of the most well known and respected manufacturers of foil-based shavers. They continue to showcase innovation and well built products backed up by a very comprehensive after-sales service.

We can say this with great confidence, as in addition to running our company is also appointed as the sole Braun National Authorised Warranty Service Agent for the UK. Therefore we are able to provide you with help for the full life of any Braun products purchased with us, or indeed, any other retailer.

Braun produces a range of foil shavers to suit all pockets and requirements, right up to the new clean and charge based shavers. The Series 7 models are very popular at the moment, industry leading technology and blades developed by Gillette set it apart from the competition. The Series 3 and 5 range offer less exotic features but are based on many years of Braun electric shaver development. Whichever one you choose you should find the performance you are looking for.

Most recently the Series 9 launched to great reviews and showcases Braun's latest Shaver platform, representing the latest technology for the upcoming generation of Braun Electric Shavers. Generally, by moving up to a higher range you will find more advanced features and cutting heads.

Braun Series Shavers

The Braun Series range represents the latest selection of Braun Shavers. Arranged in a recognisable Series number scheme; 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9, not too dissimilar to another well-known German (auto) manufacturer. As you move up the Series number the feature list increases and the shave quality becomes more refined.

Series 1

Quite simply, the Series 1 range of electric shavers is the simple way to a close shave. They’re efficient, comfortable and kind to our skin, giving us a close shave with minimal skin irritation. Each shaver is 100% tap washable, enabling you to easily clean the head under a running tap after each use.

Series 3

The Series 3 range also brings us a close shave and improved skin comfort.With the new addition of the MicroComb technology it catches and feeds more hair to the cutters for a faster shave; the two rows of fine, evenly spaced grooves surround an independently moving middle trimmer In addition to the Series 1, the Series 3 features two foil sections giving a two cuts per stroke for a quicker shave.

Series 5

For a shaver that succeeds where others fail, the Series 5 range of electric shavers brings to us the FlexMotionTec; independent flexible cutting elements which work on a fully moveable head. The shaving head maintains maximum skin contact, even in problem areas, for less pressure, less irritation and less hair left behind. For a more precise shave, the precision trimmer is a great feature, but the MultiHeadLock offers five adjustable angles to achieve a more precise shave than ever.

Series 7

The intelligent Sonic Technology ensure the Series 7 shaver does in the first stroke what others do in two. The Sonic Technology provides 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. It reads your face and adapts to the density of your beard to ensure you get the best shaving performance. To suit your skin type, you can adjust the settings with personalisation buttons to choose between 5 shaving modes, from sensitive to turbo.

Series 9

The Braun Series 9 shaver is the most efficient and comfortable shaver for skin to date. The world’s first SyncroSonic™ shaver head has four specialised cutting element which are multiplied with 40.000 cross-cutting actions/min. Each cutting element is perfectly synchronised for the most effective shave, including OptiFoil, Direct & Cut Trimmer, Hyper Lift & Cut Trimmer and another OptiFoil for perfect closeness that lasts longer.

Build quality and reliability is however consistently high across all ranges. Still manufactured and assembled in Germany, Braun products are renowned for their quality and after-sales backup.

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Braun WaterFlex Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

The Braun WaterFlex shavers are a great value option for those wanting a purposeful shaver with core, established Braun cutting technology partnered with the ability to enjoy a smooth dry shave, or an even smoother wet shave using their favourite shaving cream or gel, even in the shower if preferred.

WaterFlex is fully waterproof and features a rugged outer casing designed to make this shaver a true shaving tool that can depended on every day and every shave. The contour-adaptive swivel head adapts to your contours, maximising skin contact to avoid too much pressure, resistance and providing more comfort.

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Braun CoolTec Shaver

The CoolTec Shaver puts skin irritation on ice as it is the world’s first shaver with active cooling technology. To get started simply switch on the cooling function and shave as normal. The feature significantly reduces razor burn and is endorsed by leading dermatologists, making it the next big thing in shaving.

The Thermo Electric Cooling element that lies between the shaving foils, cools down the skin while shaving and leaves your skin feeling refreshed with no gels or lotions required. For an extra smooth shave, the SensoBlade provides extra smoothness and the middle trimmer efficiently captures longer and more difficult hairs.

Braun CruZer Shavers

From beard trimmers and hair clippers, to body groomers and precision trimmers, the Braun CruZer range has all the tools you need to shave, trim, style and maintain your desired look. Both CruZer5 & CruZer6 provide us with an array of different men’s electric shavers and other tools.

CruZer Face

Designed to give you an extra smooth clean shave in fewer strokes. The extra wide shaver head enables you to conveniently shave larger areas, for the perfect clean shave. The adjustable comb offers four length settings from short to full beard (1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm, 6mm) which makes it incredibly easy to trim and maintain your individual beard length.

CruZer Beard Trimmer

Achieve a neatly trimmed full beard to subtle designer stubble with the CruZer beard trimmer. Its sealed body means it is fully washable, letting you keep it in great condition by easily washing it under a running tap. Change your desired length with the Click&Lock functionality; choose from 6 different length settings (1mm - 11mm).

CruZer Hair Clippers

Braun’s ultimate hair clipper has the StyleLock memory hair comb with 8 different settings for perfect style in various lengths (3mm - 24mm). For a more defined hair style, the ultra-sharp stainless steel trimming element will ensure you get the sharp look you desire.

CruZer Body Groomers

The CruZer Body tool is ideal if you would like to try a cleaner, fresher look with a shaved chest or groomed armpits. The two-in-one tool offers you the choice between trimming your body hair, to shaving it completely. It all depends on your preference, but the CruZer Body gives you the option to suit you.

CruZer Precision Trimmer

The trimming head with extra-fine teeth means you can fine-tune your style with the CruZer Precision Trimmer. It boasts an extra small head for styling those hard-to-reach areas and shapes. Create the look you want with ease and easily maintain it throughout the week.

CruZer Clean Shave

Designed for people who shave on a daily basis, but also for those who let the stubble roam free for a couple days over the weekend. With three different shaving elements that’ll adapt to your face contours, you will be guaranteed a close and comfortable shave, leaving you with smooth skin.

Braun MobileShave Shavers

Shave on the go to achieve smooth skin anytime, anywhere with the range of MobileShave shavers. Whether at work, in the car or even on a short trip away, the Braun MobileShave conveniently lets you look your best whenever and wherever you are.

For efficient protection, simply turn the twist cap to start shaving but to also protect the shaver head when no longer in use. The portable shaver does not lack quality and performance in comparison to other braun electric shavers, but instead is all packed into a compact design for the everyday busy man.

For long term, everyday use we would always recommend a mains or rechargeable model. As good as the MobileShave models are, they will struggle to compete against a larger mains or rechargeable model, not least due to the regular need for batteries. For example, an entry level Braun Series 1 model would be a great alternative if you regularly use the shaver in the same place each day.

* For older models, please see our Braun Historical Models page.