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Braun Historical Models

Written by Advice Team on November 12, 2015

The ranges and products presented here are models which have been discontinued by Braun

We continue to include these products on our website to assist our customers finding spares, accessories and replacement parts for their Braun. In addition these articles on the ranges were authored by the experts, and we hope they demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and passion that they bring to their roles.

Braun Pulsonic

The Pulsonic range is essentially the same as the Series 7. When Braun introduced new models lower down the model range they re-aligned the naming of the whole range to fit nicely into Series numbers. The Pulsonic is now the Series 7.

Braun 360 Complete

The 360 Complete is based heavily on the Activator and really is an evolution of the previous models. The main difference is an updated foil and cutter design. 360 Complete models offer a top of the range experience, both in terms of shaving performance and those extra touches such as LCD display offering full shaver status.

They also feature an updated cleaning system, smaller and more compact than the previous Syncro version.

Braun Activator

Another top of the range during its time. Modern replacements would be from the Series 7 and 9 models.

Braun Syncro and Syncro Pro

The Syncro range offers you many advantages over the lower specification Flex XP range of its time. You benefit from a Clean and Charge system similar to that found in the Activator and 360 Complete ranges. You also have the advantage of the newer style of patterned foil along with a micro vibrating head assembly.

Braun Contour

Released in 2006, this was Braun's addition to its range of twin foil shavers with the contour-following, swivel-head assembly. An addition was a new foil pattern, the same as used on the more expensive Syncro and 360 Complete models. This smart foil was designed to capture hairs growing at a greater range of angles in a single stroke, hopefully for a smoother, faster shave.

Braun Flex XP

This is tried and tested Braun technology, twin foil with contour following, swivel head assembly. Many existing users will have used something similar and the current examples are now available at a more affordable, mid range price point. If you previous model was a top end version you might benefit from looking at the Activator or 360 Complete.

Braun TriControl

TriControl offers the benefits of twin foil shaving complete with an integral longer hair trimmer. It does not feature the contour following swivel head assembly but is priced to reflect this.

Braun FreeControl

The FreeControl gives you single foil shaving with a great slide up trimmer. Mains and rechargeable is available with 1 hour charging yet still maintaining its budget conscious pricing. Great build quality regardless of price helps Braun stand out from the crowd.

Braun Interface

The Interface models are great value single foil shavers. They have a range of power options from manis only to mains and rechargeable. Although lower in cost you still get the great Braun build quality and a simple shaver that will perform to high modern standards.