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Bring Your Electric Shaver Back to Peak Performance

Written by Advice Team on September 14, 2016

When you use an electric shaver as a part of your daily routine, the cutting parts will naturally wear over time. As the blades become less sharp you will gradually notice your shave becoming less close and comfortable, but don’t rush out and buy a whole new shaver - replacing the cutting parts will bring your old shaver back to peak performance and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new model - win, win!

The degree of wear and therefore the lifespan of your shaver blades depends on how often you shave and the toughness of your stubble. However as a general rule of thumb for achieving a consistently excellent performance every day, we recommend changing all of the cutter parts on your shaver every 18-24 months. Here’s how...

Please note: Before replacing any cutter part on an electric shaver always ensure that the shaver is fully turned off.

Foil Shavers Replacing the cutting parts on a foil electric shaver is a piece of cake, especially when it comes to newer models where the foil and cutter are combined into a single cutting head cassette. Simply locate the release button on each side of the shaver head and press firmly to release and separate the cartridge from the shaver. Some older models supply their foil and cutter as two independent parts which need to be changed in two steps. First remove the foil, either by pressing the release button (if your shaver has one), or simply by pulling the foil away from the body of the shaver. Removing the foil exposes the blades so take care not to touch them as they will still be sharp enough to cut your fingers. Hold the cutter block at its sides, rotate it 90 degrees counter clockwise, so it is vertical to the shaver and then just pull it off. To fit the new cutting parts, carry out the same procedure in reverse.

It’s good practice to replace both the foil and cutter at the same time for the optimum performance of your shaver. Having said that, if only the foil is damaged and the cutters are still sharp, you can get away with just replacing the foil. It’s a good idea to check the foil for dents and tears before each shave as exposed blades can cause painful nicks!

Rotary Shavers You replace the blades on rotary shavers in one of two ways, depending on your shaver model. For some you simply disconnect and replace the whole shaver head - easy peasy! The other method, which involves replacing the individual cutters is a bit more tricky, especially on the first time around but once you get the knack it only takes a minute. Press the release key on the front edge of the shaver head and it will flip up and open allowing you to pull the head off the shaver body completely. Once disconnected you are ready to remove the cutters. Depending on the make and model you will either have a combined locking mechanism that locks all of the cutters into the head together or each cutter will be individually locked into place. Either way, twist the locking mechanism anti-clockwise to release and remove and put to one side. The individual cutters are then free to be removed one by one and the new ones slotted into place. Each cutter has 2 dog ears on it with a groove in between them. These have corresponding shapes in the head to fit into, (the groove faces into the centre of the head) so ensure they fit snugly in the right way and lock them back into place. Reconnect the head back onto the shaver body and you’re good to go!

All shaver makes and models are slightly different so always refer to your manufacturer's instructions and before making your purchase ensure you are clear on which replacement parts will fit your shaver. If you’re unsure you can quickly find replacement parts by model number or part code using our handy online parts finder. If you can't see find what you need, just contact one of our experts and we'll point you in the right direction.

It’s a no brainer when you think about it but it’s incredible how many men neglect to change their cutters. Replacing the cutters gives your shaver a whole new lease of life and is like having a brand new razor again so it’s well worth keeping on top of. With this little bit of essential maintenance and regular cleaning your electric shaver will stay in tip-top condition and you’ll benefit from a clean, close and comfortable shave, day in day out for years to come.