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Electric shaving

Shaving gel, foam or oil? Where do I start?

Written by Advice Team on October 4, 2017

You’ve probably already decided whether you prefer a wet or a dry shave. They both have their benefits but when it comes to wet shaving, there’s a little more involved to achieve a comfortable and clean shave. There are traditionalists out there that opt for the time old lather of soap but tha Read article...

Pro tips

Self-Cleaning vs Manual Cleaning Electric Shavers

Written by Advice Team on September 18, 2017

These days as modern gentleman we’re always looking for new technologies to save us time. We don’t want to waste precious minutes over tedious tasks that can be done for us just as well but more efficiently. Then again some of us are inherently old fashioned and there’s nothing wrong with th Read article...

How to Choose an Electric Shaver - Buying Guide

Written by Advice Team on August 24, 2017

Whether you're buying your first electric shaver or upgrading from an older model, navigating between the vast array of makes and models available can be mind-boggling. But don’t panic - our electric shaver 101 is here to help you decide which features are most important to you and help you narr Read article...

Wet vs Dry Shaving

Written by Advice Team on August 10, 2017

Unless you sport a full on beard, shaving is something that every man has to do on a fairly regular basis. In fact it is estimated that men spend over 35 days (that’s over 840 hours) shaving during their lifetime, so it’s fair to say that for most guys it’s a big part of their grooming routi Read article...