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Grooming Tips to Make it Through the Cold Weather

Written by Advice Team on October 18, 2017

You might have already noticed the dark mornings setting in and found that you’re struggling to drag yourself from bed. It’s starting to get colder, the winter woollens are coming out and Halloween decoration is brightening up displays with luminous orange (we’ve even seen some Christmas ones…yikes!)

It’s set to get even colder and with the chillier weather, there are a few essentials that we need to take care of when considering our grooming routines. Let’s face it, literally, our skin takes a bit of a beating when the sting of winter leaves us with rosy red cheeks.

Here are a few Shavers tips for winter grooming:

In the winter months, our skin naturally becomes drier and tighter due to the cold weather and indoor heating. It’s a logical move to shave before showering but switching up the routine does actually improve the shave. Pores and hairs soften in the steamy heat making for a smoother shave and it leaves skin less irritated. Even better? Shave before bed instead of in the morning. It allows the skin to settle before stepping straight out into the cold.

King of Shaves’ serum lubricates the hairs and allows the blade to glide whilst not zapping moisture from your skin.

On average in the months leading up to Christmas, we find ourselves socialising a lot more with friends and family. Alcohol is certainly a winter warmer but as well as having effects on our body (and our heads) it dehydrates the skin and removes moisture from the surface. Go for an alcohol-free post-shave balm and stick with your moisturising routine to keep skin supple.

Contains no alcohol

Got a beard? Probably. It’s winter and it saves on wearing a scarf but did you know facial hair wicks away moisture from the skin? Beards tend to leave the skin dry which leads to beard dandruff. Keep the hair hydrated by massaging in conditioning beard oils. Not only does it condition the hair, it smells great too.

A gentle exfoliation wouldn’t go amiss either. It only needs to be done once a week and removes dead cells from our skin that can give a dull and grey complexion.

Continuing to manscape through the winter? Wool can often irritate the skin for those with conditions like eczema. If you find your skin is easily irritated, go for layers instead like cotton t-shirts and flannel shirts so itchy wool isn’t irritating your recently trimmed chest.