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Product Review: Braun CruZer6 Beard & Head Trimmer

Written by Advice Team on June 15, 2019

A two-in-one tool, the Braun CruZer6 Beard and Head Hair Trimmer will help you to create and maintain your style. Whether that’s a neatly trimmed beard at any length or subtle designer stubble, the adjustable and removable comb offers plenty of options when it comes to cutting length. As for tri Read article...

How To Care For A Shaved Head

Written by Advice Team on August 29, 2018

Our advice team recently discussed the reasons why men choose to shave their heads and how to achieve that super smooth look. However, although it might appear like a great option that’s particularly low maintenance, it’s still important to care for the skin and hair follicles that are more expo Read article...

Guide to Going Bald

Written by Advice Team on June 13, 2018

Worried about thinning hair? Going bald, but not by choice? The fact of the matter is, hair loss happens, and it happens to the best of us. A lot of men suffer from low confidence when they notice thinning or receding hairlines, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Did you know that some men Read article...

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Top Five Hair Clipping Tools

Written by Advice Team on May 2, 2018

Not everyone wants to spend time and money going to the barber for a regular haircut when they can easily maintain it themselves. There are plenty of tools on the market for trimming and cutting your hair at home, and if you want to save money for the occasions when you want a specific cut or styl Read article...

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How to Shave Your Head Completely Smooth

Written by Advice Team on March 20, 2017

There are many reasons why men might choose to shave their head; fashion, lifestyle, experimentation or to mask a naturally balding crown. According to studies, men with a fully shaved head appear tougher, stronger, taller and more authoritative than their glossy haired counterparts, so what are y Read article...