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How To Care For A Shaved Head

Written by Advice Team on August 29, 2018

Our advice team recently discussed the reasons why men choose to shave their heads and how to achieve that super smooth look. However, although it might appear like a great option that’s particularly low maintenance, it’s still important to care for the skin and hair follicles that are more exposed to the elements once your head has been shaved.

How To Care For A Shaved Head


Men that turn to shaving their head, whether it’s because they’re beginning to go bald or personal preference, are not always aware of the aftercare involved with their smooth, new look. It’s incredibly important to take care of your scalp now that it is exposed to the elements, such as the sun and air pollution.


That’s right. Men should still shampoo your head even if you’re no longer sporting hair. A good shampoo has the right nutrients in it to care for your hair and your scalp. Dirt and oils will still find their way into your pores and shampooing your head promotes healthy, clean pores and hair follicles.

Don’t just rub the shampoo in either, massage your scalp for blood flow and if you’re shampooing after shaving your head, we’d recommend shampoos containing tea tree oil, witch hazel or aloe vera to help prevent any skin irritation.


Your entire body benefits from exfoliation and that included the skin on your head. Exfoliation stops the build-up of dead skin cells and excess to leave your skin clear and smooth. Not only does it help to prevent any breakouts and ingrown hairs, but it helps your razor to glide over the area with ease with every shave. There’s no need to exfoliate more than once a week for a closer shave.


If you’re shaving daily to keep a close shave or even just allowing for a short crop of hair on your head, it’s important to regularly moisturise your scalp. Skin is susceptible to changing under different weather conditions and can become dry and itchy from the cold and wind. Ensuring you moisturise will keep skin soft, firm and healthy.

Sun cream

A person’s scalp will always be more susceptible to sun damage and sunburn. If you’re going out in the sun or even on a hot, cloudy day, use a good sunscreen with a high UVA rating to protect your scalp from sun exposure. If you do find yourself sunburnt, use an aftersun that moisturisers and preferably one with aloe vera to soothe the damaged skin.

To summarise, If you keep your scalp exfoliated it’ll prevent ingrown hairs and keeping skin well moisturised will ensure kept hydration to keep it soft and smooth. Continuing to shampoo your head will clear away excess skin and oils in preparation for your next shave, but don’t forget your sun cream now your scalp is more exposed to UV rays.