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How to Choose the best Beard Trimmer for you - Buying Guide

Written by Advice Team on January 2, 2018

Whether you’ve decided to grow a luscious beard, already have one that’s getting a little tough to handle or fancy a new beard grooming tool, we’ve put together a guide to picking the best beard trimmer, with great performance, to achieve that well-groomed beard look.

How to Choose the best beard trimmer


We know it can be a bit of a headache choosing what trimmer to go for, especially with a range of features and different brands. Keep reading and we’ll help guide you to a decision that’s right for you.


There are plenty of brands to choose from and surprisingly, a lot of men don’t have a preferred brand when it comes grooming tools. It’s really down to the features that they need to get the job done. There are still some big players like Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Wahl, who all have their own staple beard trimmers.

What to look out for when choosing a beard trimmer brand


You want a beard trimmer that’s going to last and one of the key qualities to look out for is models made with stainless steel blades. You should also consider a trimmer that has a good grip to avoid any accidental slips.

Whether the trimmer is cord or cordless is down to preference, and whether you have a power socket in your bathroom or not. If you’re always on the move or travel often, then a cordless option might be better suited.

Length options

Most beard trimmers come with adjustable combs that attach to the trimmer itself to allow for different cutting lengths. If you’re looking to trim and/or style, then go with a beard trimmer that has varying options. There are some that have a precision trimmer to. Those are extra blades that are smaller and are often concealed on the trimmer itself, that can be twisted around to join the main blade.

Dry or wet trimming

Depending on whether you like to trim before, during a shower or after, you should consider whether you go for a trimmer that’s for wet or dry styling. However, if you switch between both, there are beard trimmers that can accommodate both wet and dry trims too.


Beard trimmers range in price based on their features. There are some beard trimmers that can be used on the body as well as the face, and some are made for precision or stubble. A good trimmer can range from around £30-£100.

Some of Shaver’s best sellers amongst our customers are:

Best beard trimmers

Panasonic ER-GB80 Wet & Dry Beard Trimmer

The Panasonic ER-GB80 Wet & Dry Beard Trimmer trimmer boasts an adjustable comb with 39 different lengths for maximum control. It’s rechargeable and has a 50 minute run time once fully charged. It also has Panasonic’s stainless steel, hypoallergenic blades. The trimmer has a drainage system, so when used in the shower, it prevents a buildup of water and can easily be rinsed under a tap after use.

Wahl Star Series Detailer Professional Hair Trimmer

At the higher end of the price range, the Wahl Star Series has an extra wide T blade. The blade can adjust to zero overlap which is ideal for super close trimming, outlines and detail work. The model is corded which means it’ll always have the power for optimum use.

Braun CruZer6 Beard & Head Hair Trimmer

The Braun CruZer6 has a dual battery system for powerful trimming and has ultra sharp stainless steel blades. Its adjustable beard comb has 6 settings, so it’s perfect for short and full beards. It also has an attachable comb to cut hair and is mains rechargeable.

Panasonic i-Shaper 3 in 1 Trimmer

Style, trim and shave with a single tool that has multiple attachments to make light work of maintaining your beard style. The i-Shaper has 20 different cutting lengths, and its innovative design and the angled blade was made for precision styling. Bring the barbershop home with the i-Shaper trimmer.

Looking for the best beard trimmer for your budget? We've compiled lists of our best-selling beard trimmers within popular price ranges. No matter your budget you can be sure you’ll find a trimmer that works best for you.