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How To Keep A Quarantine Beard Maintained Whilst Wearing A Mask

Written by Advice Team on September 4, 2020

We’re all familiar with quarantine, social distancing and wearing a mask in public: from coffee shops to supermarkets and transport too. Many of us have grown a luscious, full beard over the last few months — whilst wearing our mask more regularly — we’ve been faced with beard itch, a messy beard and a much hotter face, right? Not to mention the discomfort that comes with a face mask pressing against the beard and pushing hair into nostrils, and the mouth.

How To Keep A Quarantine Beard Maintained Whilst Wearing A Mask


So, how do we manage and maintain our #quarantinebeard now many us are out of our #zoomshirts and heading back into the workplace.

Being meticulous with hygiene for your beard is important, now more than ever before, with the potential to pick up more harmful bacteria out-and-about, as well as the use of your face mask too.

You might have noticed that whilst wearing a mask, your face (particularly around your beard) tends to become a lot warmer and in some cases, you might find that you begin to sweat more too. Sweating can cause more sebum around pores, which often leads to breakouts but more so, especially with the cooler weather ahead of us, skin could become irritated and dry out coming in and out of buildings with heating on high.

We’d advise regularly washing your beard to keep it clean and the skin beneath fresh, ensuring a good lather and thoroughly rinsing after so no soapy residue remains. Whether that’s with shower gel, shampoo or a beard specific wash, it’ll help cleanse your beard.

We’d also recommend using beard oil and whilst this can sometimes seem like an extravagance or an unnecessary grooming product, beard oil is actually both good for the skin and the hair. Beard hair naturally soaks up the moisture from the skin to keep it hydrated. That more often than not leads to dry, flaky skin (beard itch, anyone?), which can be uncomfortable and sometimes a little embarrassing. You wouldn’t be the first to suffer from beardruff. Beard oil soaks into the hair and keeps it nourished and moisturised and prevents skin from drying beneath. They also smell great and come in a range of different scents.

Whilst an unruly beard might be more your style, when it comes to a face mask, it can be a little uncomfortable and hard to manage. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to trim or shave the whole beard off. Good beard and moustache scissors will allow you to snip and trim the most troublesome areas around the nose and mouth, keeping hair shorter so it doesn’t push up into nostrils or catch on lips. You could even venture into moustache wax to tame specific sections of your beard to sit beneath your face mask without much disturbance.

Beard combs and brushes have become more popular for on the go grooming and maintenance. With longer, fuller beards that sit beneath a face mask, it’s easy to use a travel brush to quickly remove dust, dirt and excess oils, and smooth the beard too.

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