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How To Prevent Scratchy Beard Burn and Rash When Kissing

Written by Advice Team on October 13, 2020

It might not be so much of a problem for you — the beard wearer — but your partner might have sensitive skin, and when your beard comes into contact it can be especially scratchy and cause irritation and a rash. An uncomfortable one at that! Here are our top tips for helping to prevent beard burn and rash for your partner when kissing.

How To Prevent Scratchy Beard Burn and Rash When Kissing


Ask your partner about beard irritation

If you’re new to the relationship, your partner might not feel comfortable mentioning first and may be suffering in silence. Don’t be afraid to broach the subject with them. It can be very uncomfortable for someone with sensitive skin to suffer from beard rash, often leaving them with hot and sore skin, as well as breakouts.

Beard softness

That’s right! It sounds obvious but the softer your beard the more comfortable it’s going to be for your partner, whenever it comes into contact with their skin. That’s why it’s so important to keep your beard hair hydrated. Beard oil is more than just a scent and it actually works to keep hair moisturised and hydrated, so it’s much softer. Beard oil also helps your skin keep hydrated and prevents beard itch, too!

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Trimming your beard

Keeping your beard trim with either a beard trimmer or using beard & moustache scissors, helps to keep beard hair at a consistent and maintained length. That means stray hairs aren’t going to tickle at skin or irritate, helping to prevent redness and blemishes for your partner.

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Cleaning your beard

Make sure you’re leaning your beard regularly. That means shampoo and conditioner, and not just a quick rinse with shower gel. We recommend conditioning your beard more than shampooing it. Shampoo has chemicals that tend to break down the natural oils of hair and skin, too, and so, will begin to cause dry skin and beard itch. Conditioning your beard whenever it gets when from a shower, means you’re moisturising the hair and restoring any split or sharp ends from trimming.

Whilst your partner has options to help deal with beard burn and skin irritation, it’ll take them a lot more time to heal the rash and prevent it in the future, then it will for you to add a couple of steps to your routine.

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