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How to Prolong the Life of Your Electric Shaver

Written by Advice Team on April 11, 2017

Are you getting the feeling that your electric shaver isn’t working to optimum performance? Don’t be so quick to part with your hard earned cash on a new one just yet. A good maintenance routine and proper daily care will extend the life of your shaver and remove the need for a replacement. So do yourself and your bank balance a favour and keep your current model in good working order.

It’s not fiddly or technical, it just takes a little bit of extra effort and some consistency. Here are our top 8 care and maintenance tips for extending the life of your electric shaver and ensuring maximum performance for a close and comfortable shave every day.

1. Clean after every shave
 After each shave clear out all of the loose hair that has caught in the shaver to stop it building up and restricting the movement of the precision cutting parts. Simply take off the cutting head and gently tap the side with your fingers to dislodge the whiskers. If your shaver is tap washable rinse the cutting head through with warm water to remove loose debris and then air dry and keep dry. Moisture will dull the sharpness of any blade and over time could cause small limescale deposits.

2. Deep clean and degrease weekly
 Every time you shave, an excess of whiskers, skin cells and natural oils collect within your shaver. If these aren’t removed on a regular basis they will create a sticky detritus which will clog it up, damaging the cutting parts and putting a strain on the motor.

It’s best to manually deep clean your shaver roughly once a week. Remove the cutting head by gently lifting it off it’s support and use a small brush to loosen the accumulated hairs and debris from around the cutter head and all associated parts. The brush that comes with your shaver or cleaning kit is best as its narrow shape is able to easily access the tight spaces where debris and hairs get lodged. If you don’t have yours any more, a fine paint brush will do the job just as well.

If you use a foil shaver we don’t recommend that you brush the removed foil part or cutting heads as these are very delicate and can be easily damaged. If tapping the removed cutting head against a sink or worktop to remove debris, do so gently as this could damage the precision parts.

Using hot water and a specialist electric shaver cleaning spray, clean all parts of the shaver to remove all traces of sebum and thoroughly de-grease. After the cleaning process is completed, allow all parts of the shaver to completely air dry before reassembly.

3. Keep it dry when not in use Even wet electric shavers will get damaged if left continually damp. Excessive water will not only damage electronics but will corrode and weaken the blades and cause the aluminium steel on the body to corrode. If it has one we recommend activating the shavers dry setting feature to drain it of any wetness or leave it in a standing position to air dry.

4. Don’t submerge your shaver
 Even though some models are specifically designed to be used for wet shaving, that doesn’t necessarily make them 100% waterproof. To reduce the risk of water damage to internal components we recommend that electric shavers don’t get fully submerged, so never take your shaver in the bath and take special care when shaving in the shower.

5. Lubricate the cutting parts regularly During a shave your electric shaver will heat up due to friction, causing stress to metal parts and making them liable to warp and fail. A drop of shaver lubricating oil after cleaning and drying will reduce friction and help keep parts moving smoothly. Lubricants also contain anti-corrosive properties which keep the surfaces of metal parts smooth and free from imperfections, reducing wear and and inevitably lengthen the life of your shaver. A little goes a long way so use the lubricant sparingly, and there’s no need to wipe it off.

All electric shavers already have all the internal lubrication they need for a lifetime of use. There is never any need to open the body of the shaver to lubricate internal parts.

6. Refresh your blades on a regular schedule
 Here’s an interesting fact - every 18 months the average electric shaver cuts as many hairs as there are blades of grass on a football field! Dull blades tend to pull your hair rather than cut it, leading to discomfort and irritation as well as a poor shave. By updating the cutter parts every 12-18 months you’ll be able to achieve the same maximum performance and the same smooth shave that you experienced on day one.

If you use a foil electric shaver you will need to replace the foil at the same time since the cutter foil and cutter operate like the two parts of a pair of scissors.

7. Replace worn or damaged parts as soon as needed
 Every electrical product used on a regular basis will become worn or develop flaws throughout its lifetime. The majority of spare parts can be sourced and replaced easily and cheaply so replace them as soon as required. By replacing worn or damaged parts straight away you will stop further damage to the cutting parts or strain on the motor and bring your shaver back to optimum performance.

We make a point of carrying every available spare part for all of the products we sell. If you service and repair your electric shaver with our original manufacturer, branded replacement parts, spares and accessories you can get the longest possible lifespan from your electric shaver.

8. Always make use of you manufacturer warranty
 All branded electric shavers include a manufacturer’s warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the manufacturer but it generally extends for two years after purchase. During this period if your shaver is faulty it will be repaired or replaced free of charge under the terms of your warranty. Always check the date of purchase and your warranty terms before investing in a new shaver.

If it’s a Braun or Philips shaver you’re in luck! Our parent brand, Olympic Shaver Centre Ltd is the official UK service partner for both of these manufacturers. We offer a nationwide service and will be able to get you back up and running quickly. Please use the links below to start the process.

For Philips click here
For Braun click here

In Summary
 Modern electric shavers are built to last, yet we find time and time again that men are discarding shavers which would have continued to perform for many more years, if they had been properly maintained. If you are happy with your current model but it’s not quite working at peak performance then try giving our Service Centre a call and speak directly with one of our on-site technicians.

You’d be surprised how many shavers are brought to us for repair that were just in need of a good clean and a few new parts to bring them back to full working order, so it’s worth exploring before throwing in the towel and buying a new one. We are authorised service agents for all top branded manufacturers, stock all available spare parts and carry out servicing in our own workshop, making the whole process quick easy and hassle free and at a fraction of the price of a brand new shaver.