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How to Save Time on Men's Grooming Routines

Written by Advice Team on December 29, 2017

There aren’t many men that consider their grooming routine a relaxing ritual. Our recent survey told us that most found it a necessary evil and daily chore. Our experts at Shavers delved into the responses to find out exactly what was making men take more time than they needed to when grooming.

On average, Shavers customers are spending 10-20 minutes each day on their grooming routines.

What to ask yourself

Do you shave wet or dry?

Wet shaving does achieve the closest finish possible and many of our Shavers customers prefer to be clean shaven. There’s something special about a traditional wet shave too. It’s not a quick once over as there are steps to working up a superior lather as well as taking the time to shave slowly. However, when it comes to cartridge razors and a wet shave, that’s when many men face the post-shave blues of nicks, cuts, razor burn and irritation. Time can really be consumed when trying to deal with skin irritation.

Want to know more about wet vs dry shaving? We put together a handy guide.

What do you use to shave?

Our survey showed a significant disparity between age groups. Many young men choose to use cartridge razors to shave, whilst the majority of older generations turned to electric shavers. Generally speaking, electric shavers do save time and with a vast offering of different types of shaver, dependant on the requirement, it’s easy to find the right shaver for you and your budget.

Take a look at our guide to choosing the perfect electric shaver.

Are you using pre-shave products?

Many men were educated in soap and water growing up. However, there are now products on the market that really help achieve an even closer shave with less time needed. Pre-shave oils are particularly good for those needing to shave time from their routine and they really do help the blade glide, rather than tug at hairs and cause irritation.

Pre-shave products can be chosen based on the shaver you’re using and your skin type. Not sure what you should use? Here’s a guide to choosing a pre-shave product alongside your grooming routine.

Are you using post-shave products?

We remember our dad’s splashing aftershave straight on after a shave and that was that. However, aftershave isn’t always the best answer and can cause issues for your skin. A lot of aftershaves are alcohol based and can dry out skin. If you suffer from razor burn or irritation, you’d be better off going for a sensitive, aloe vera based product post-shave. They can really help to prevent future irritation which means that in the long run, it’ll begin to cut down the time of your routine.

Our recent survey showed that shaver’s customers are using 1-4 products when it comes to their grooming routine. However, a good pre and post shave product should be enough to cover all bases.

How do you clean your razor or electric shaver?

Cartridge Razor

Cartridge razors see their fair amount of wear and tear, especially when most of them are kept in the steamy environment of the bathroom. We’ve all seen it. An arrangement of old and used razors stashed by the side of the bath. However, keeping your razor clean is critical when it comes to avoiding a bad shave.

Whilst blades are replaceable, you shouldn’t need to swap out for a new one until you’ve had full use of the current one.  The care for a cartridge razor is simple. Clean the blade by running it under the tap between strokes and let the water run through the back to wash out detritus. Shake off any excess water from the blades. Then simply store your blade safely.

Don’t tap your razor against the sink as that can damage the blade and don’t wipe the blades over a towel, you should always let them air dry.

Electric Shavers

When it comes to electric shavers there are two options available to men when cleaning them; manual or self-cleaning stations. Generally speaking, electric shavers are not difficult to clean with the small brush that comes with most units, as well as rinsing them under cold water. There are also lubricants that can be used to keep the blades healthy.

However, all of that can be time-consuming, easy to forget when you’re in a rush and if you’re using an electric shaver with foils, they can easily be damaged if they’re not handled with care.

That’s where self-cleaning stations come in. Most systems automatically do all the work and the most you need to do is place the electric shaver head down into the unit and push a button. There are a lot of pros. They charge, clean, dry and lubricate the head. It’s fuss-free, more hygienic and it ensures that your shaver is maintained for optimum performance. More importantly for the men looking to save time, it does that. It takes the chore out of maintaining your electric shaver.

Your grooming routine shouldn’t feel like a chore and with the right shaver, products and an easy set-up for cleaning your blades, shaving will feel like less of a necessary evil.