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How To Shave Your Balls Safely

Written by Advice Team on September 4, 2017

A lot has changed when it comes to manscaping over the last few years. We’ve stopped taking the blade to our chins, left them to grow their winter warmers and headed to pastures new. We’ve ventured south to less-charted territories beneath the belt. We’re talking downstairs hair management, gentleman.

How to shave your balls


It’s a little daunting taking the blade to our oldest companions. What if I slip? What if I nick the skin? Her Majesty’s crown jewels are well kept and polished, so why shouldn’t ours be too? It might be that you’re thinking about trying something new or perhaps your partner has mentioned it. An off-hand comment about maintenance or maybe they've put the blade in your hand. It’s me or them. Them. Your boys. Your gents.

So, let's start with the benefits of shaving your balls before we get to the how to do it. We want to know why it’s worth taking the plunge after all, don’t we? It’s a risk we need to be willing to take.

Benefits of shaving your balls

Improves Hygiene

Hair collects sweat and can produce odor. Shaving the area will keep it cleaner and smelling better. Shorter hair minimises friction and allows the skin to breathe. However, we need to ensure any potential nicks are taken care of as small cuts could be susceptible to bacteria and infection.

Increases sensitivity

Pubic hair acts as a barrier but shaving or trimming the hair allows for skin-on-skin contact, which increases pleasure

Makes your penis look bigger

A mane around the area could be hiding the full length of your penis. It could also make you feel more confident and proud of your appearance.

Boosts appeal

A shaved and well-maintained area can be inviting to a partner that has a preference for a smoother look. By managing your pubic hair it could improve your sex life.

Benefits Your health

As well as improving hygiene, with your new appealing smoother skin, you’ll be more inclined to examine your balls to ensure everything is in healthy order.

How to shave your balls safely with a razor


Make sure you’ve trimmed the hair before you shave. Long pubic hair can get caught in the razor and snag against the blade leading to discomfort. Short hair is easier for the blade to cut.


Before you begin to shave, use a new razor blade or ensure your razor is clean from any previous use. We’d suggest disinfecting the blade first. Don’t use the same razor you use for anywhere else on your body either, as this is your most intimate area.

When using a razor, it is a good idea to shave after or during a hot bath or shower. This softens the hair and relaxes the hair follicles.


Applying pre-shave oil will soften the area before you apply any shaving cream or foam and you’ll achieve a much smoother shave. It also helps to reduce irritation after shaving. Apply to your penis, balls and the surrounding area.


Always use shaving cream or foam as the skin is very sensitive. Get a good lather, then wash and dry your hands.

To begin shaving, hold your penis and pull it to make sure the skin is taut. Never shave over loose skin as you increase the risk of cutting yourself. If you find the skin isn’t pulled tight enough, you can stimulate an erection as this will also pull the surrounding skin tight.


Be patient. It’s not a race. When shaving the shaft, pull your penis to the side and slowly glide the razor toward your body without applying too much pressure. Use the same motion above and around your penis.

When shaving your balls, use your free hand to pull them taut and shave with the grain. The skin around your balls can wrinkle and change shape as you shave, so use short and light handed strokes. Make sure you’re rinsing the razor frequently and removing any long, stray hairs.

Ball-Shaving-Steps-06As soon as you’re happy with your shave splash cold water on the skin to cool the area. This also helps the skin to tighten and close pores. Don’t rub the area dry. Pat the area with a towel to avoid any irritation.

Use a post-shave balm with ingredients like aloe vera or tea tree oil. These ingredients help to soothe any potential irritation.


If moisture is a concern, a body powder can be used to keep the area dry and if you’re going completely bare, it’ll help to prevent friction.

Tips when using a dry or wet body groomer to shave your balls safely

The process isn’t that different to using a razor but here are some extra tips to bear in mind when using an electric groomer.

Either stand in the bath or shower space to easily rinse away the hair after or stand over a towel to catch any hair whilst shaving with a dry electric groomer.

Just like shaving your face with an electric shaver, you can go against the grain for a closer shave. However, with your non-shaving hand, make sure you’re pulling the skin taut.

Using an electric groomer is quicker than a razor but that’s no excuse to rush the process. Take your time for the smoothest and safest shave.

Although you don’t need to use a shaving cream or foam when using a dry electric groomer, we’d still recommend a post-shave treatment. This will help prevent skin irritation.

Ongoing maintenance and hair regrowth

It’s a good idea to use post-shave balm for a couple of days after the initial shave. This will help to prevent any irritation or outbreaks. It’s common for areas where hair is thick to be more irritated than others.

As the hair begins to grow, it’s important to gently exfoliate the area to prevent ingrown hairs and keep the pores clean from any bacteria or dead skin. If you experience an ingrown hair, you can gently exfoliate the area over a few days until the hair breaks through the skin. If that doesn’t do the trick use tweezers to pluck the hair out.

There’s no need to shave daily. It is recommended to shave no more than once a week otherwise you run the risk of irritating the skin. Make sure you’re disinfecting the blade between shaves to prevent and kill any bacteria.

Best electric shavers for shaving your balls

Razors give the closest and smoothest shave, so if you’d prefer to go completely bare, then that’s your better option. If you just want to trim the area and leave some hair, then go for an electric groomer.

Some of our recommendations:

Alternatives to shaving with hair removal cream

No Hair Crew’s Intimate Hair Removal Cream is effective and much more gentle to skin, in those particular sensitive areas like your groin, balls and buttocks. A fantastic hair removal option for men without the fear of cuts, nicks or the extra preparation needed for shaving and trimming below the belt.

Experiment with a patch in each area first, so that you can understand how long you need to leave the cream on for your type of hair. It can take as little and less than 3 minutes to take action.

Completely vegan, cruelty free and dermatologically tested for your sensitive skin. The product contains seaweed for its known benefits to soothe and hydrate skin.