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How to Trim and Shave Back Hair

Written by Advice Team on April 24, 2019

First things first, one of the biggest questions amongst men is, do I have to shave my back? The answer is no, not unless you want to, but for some men they prefer a smoother look and feel. Many men manscape and prefer a more groomed appearance, but like all things, it’s very much an each to their own situation. However, if you want to shave your back and remove back hair, here’s our guide to how.

How to Trim and Shave Back Hair


The back is a difficult area to reach on your own if you’re looking to shave it smooth and we’d recommend finding yourself someone to help, whether that’s a partner or friend, it’ll make it much easier and safer if there’s a team of two.

We’d recommend starting with a body groomer that will cut the hair shorter to begin with and avoid any tugging or clogged up blades. Body trimmers can be used all over, are a handy tool in general and when it comes to your back, we’d suggest going for one that can be used within the shower too, such as the Philips Series 3000 Showerproof Body Trimmer.

The Philips Series 3000 Showerproof Body Trimmer has rounded tips and hypoallergenic foil blades for a more comfortable shave against the skin. Its bi-directional trimmers cut longer hairs which are shaved by the foil blade for a closer result. The body groomer is fully water-resistant, so your assistant can simply rinse it clean when they’re finished.

What you'll need to trim and shave back hair

Showering when shaving your back hair means that the steam and hot water softens hair, making it easier to trim and avoids skin irritation too. The hair will simply wash away down the drain so there’s less cleaning to do after.

Next up is pre-shave preparation which is key to achieving a smoother result and stopping skin from breaking out with razor rash. For wet shaving in the shower, you’ll want a product that builds a good lather, such as Gillette’s Hydrating Shaving Gel or Gillette’s Mach3 Sensitive Shaving Gel, if you find you skin is particularly sensitive to shaving and irritation. Lather helps a blade to glide over the skin to protect it and cut away hairs, rather than nicking your skin or causing razor burn.

When it comes to the blade, Gillette’s Fusion Proglide Flexball Pack contains the thinnest, finest 4-blades per cartridge for less tug and a close shave as it follows the contours of your body. The person helping you should follow the direction of the hair (in most cases downward strokes) for a close shave and rinse off the blade after each stroke. If more shaving gel is required, apply as needed.

To avoid any irritation or razor rash after, we’d recommend using a post-shave product to keep the skin hydrated, such as The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser. It’ll soothe skin and prevent any unwanted outbreaks too.

If you want to maintain your smooth hair-free back, simply repeat the lathering and shaving process as needed.

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