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How to Wash your Beard

Written by Advice Team on August 7, 2017

A great beard is made not born - it takes time and effort to keep it looking that fine! Front and centre, facial hair is exposed to the elements and is put through its paces everyday. Smoking, drinking and eating have a real effect, not only on the look and smell of beards and moustaches but also their hygiene.

Swab test studies have repeatedly shown that beards often contain a wide range of unsavoury bacteria (enough to even rival the lav) - you have been warned! But fear not, we are here to help you with our simple guide to keeping your beard clean and fresh.

Many guys use regular shampoo or even shower gel to wash their beards, but do so at your peril. Regular shampoos often contain harsh chemicals and are way too severe for facial skin and hair and will result in a dry itchy face, unsightly unbeard dandruff and a stiff crunchy beard, so invest in a specialist beard cleanser such as the Edwin Jagger Beard and Moustache Wash. Suitable for all skin types, this beard wash will be a great addition to your grooming kit. With a unique blend of natural ingredients, it cleans, freshens, conditions and fragrances your beard and moustache hair.

Unlike the hair on your head beards actually needs the natural oils that your skin produces, so over-washing actually causes more harm than good. Washing schedules for bearded men vary but most men find once every two or three days optimum. If your beard needs a quick refresh inbetween wash days just rinse with clean, warm water.

8 Step Step by Step Guide 1. Dampen your beard with warm water (either in the shower or at the sink)
2. Squeeze a penny size amount of beard cleanser onto your palm
3. Massage the cleanser through your beard, using your fingers to reach down to the skin. Give the skin a good rub to stimulate the follicles which will lead to better growth
4. Rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water, moving your beard in all directions to ensure there is no residue of washing product left on the hair
5. Finish with a splash of cold water to close the pores and give your beard a nice shine
6. Pat your beard dry with a fresh, clean towel. Be gently because when the hair is wet, it tends to be more delicate
7. Use a hair dryer at a mild heat level to dry your beard using a brush or beard comb to shape and style. It’s important that you dry your beard thoroughly post wash as leaving your beard wet can lead to skin irritations
8. Apply your favourite beard finishing product to give you shine and hold

Check out our article on beard balms and oils for advice on how you can use beard finishing products to improve the appearance of your beard, reduce friction, minimise breakage and split ends and lower the risk of itchiness, beard dandruff and dry skin.