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Men’s Grooming Guide For The Party Season

Written by Advice Team on November 21, 2017

Prepare yourselves, it’s party season, which means a never-ending flurry of invitations to social events throughout December. Whether that’s with work, family or friends, you’re going to want to look your best. To help you on your way to being the most well-groomed gent beneath the mistletoe, we’ve put together a guide so you’re looking damn handsome this winter.

Always Look Fresh

Be fresh-faced but not just rosy cheeked from a few too many beers. Exfoliating is important throughout the colder months anyway but by removing dead skin cells, excess sebum and dirt caught in pores, exfoliation will turn over fresh skin cells. That’ll keep your skin fresh and clear and you’ll be looking younger, brighter and healthier. Read our step by step guide of why and how you should exfoliate.

Be A Smooth Operator

If you’re going clean shaven or with a little designer stubble, then you’re likely going to trim your facial hair on the day. Don’t forget your pre-shave products. Whether that’s oil, foam or gel, you should work up a lather to cushion between whiskers, so the blade glides and doesn’t tug hair. Use a fresh blade to achieve a close shave and avoid any bacteria getting into pores. That’ll help prevent the dreaded razor burn that so many of us face.

A Great Beard Is Made Not Born

It takes time and effort to get your beard looking touchably smooth and groomed. The key is washing your beard and taking the steps to stop beard itch, to avoid unsightly beardruff. To give it that glossy, healthy sheen and to keep it smelling great, beard balms and oils will care for the hair as well as the skin beneath.

Manscaping 101

In a recent survey we did with Shavers customers, over 60% of them told us they manscaped. That doesn’t mean going completely bald (as many seem to believe) it’s just keeping things trim and tidy. It’s not necessarily about doing it for someone else or because you feel like it’s expected, in fact, 58% of men said they manscaped because it made them feel better about themselves. Manscaping is simply getting cleaned up, smelling good, feeling confident and making a good impression. We put together the benefits of manscaping to help more men embrace it.

Shaving Below the Belt… Safely

On the subject of manscaping, men have also taken to shaving and trimming their balls and groin area. It not only improves hygiene but also increases sensitivity and boosts appeal, making a well-maintained area a lot more inviting to a partner. It can be a little daunting for some to take a blade down south, so here’s how to shave your balls safely.

Unsightly Nose and Ear Hair

There’s a lot of socialising during the party season and we find ourselves up, close and personal, and squeezed into venues making conversation. There’s nothing worse than unwanted stray hairs poking out from distracting places. It’s a common problem and it’s an easy one to solve with a step-by-step guide on how to remove excess nose and ear hair.

Maybe you’re just looking for a little treat for yourself to go along with your Christmas party outfit. We’ve put together a Christmas gift guide for him with a few of our favourites for the clean shaven to the bearded gent.