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Men’s Grooming | Stay At Home Edition

Written by Advice Team on June 10, 2020

We’ve rounded up our most read articles over the last 3-months to give you an insight into what everyone else is reading, too, for a bit of solidarity when it comes to men’s grooming and the experiences of our community.

Men’s Grooming | Stay At Home Edition


During lockdown we’ve all had to adjust to changes in our routine. Whether that’s putting down the electric shaver, trying out different grooming maintenance, using hair clippers on yourself or experiencing beard itch for the first time - many of us have been there - we’ve all been seeking advice, too.

We’ve rounded up our most read articles over the last 3-months to give you an insight into what everyone else is reading, too, for a bit of solidarity when it comes to men’s grooming and the experiences of our community.

01. How to shave your balls safely

The most read advice article during lockdown has been our guide to shaving your balls safely. We get it - it’s a great time to try something new - with that extra time spent at home it’s an opportunity to venture south to less-charted territories beneath the belt. We’re talking downstairs hair management and trimming your balls has its benefits when it comes to improving hygiene, increased sensitivity and boosted appeal.

With our step-by-step guide to trimming, what grooming tools to use and how to keep up with maintenance after, our how to shave your balls safely is a well-read and popular guide for manscaping.

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02. Rotary vs foil

Unsurprisingly, we’ve been reading up on rotary vs electric shavers. We’re all at the same point and looking where we’re spending money (where we’re saving it too) and how we can streamline our lives to make things easier.

When it comes to electric shavers, the big question is often ‘do I go rotary or foil?” and our guide to choosing which is best for you has been a great source of comparison to help in the buying decision.

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03. Guide to trimming chest and stomach hair

The most read article on Shavers, it’s definitely a popular one as we head into warmer weather—though looking at June—it seems May tricked us into thinking summer was on its way.

Trimming chest and stomach hair is a popular go-to grooming choice for men when the sun comes out and we find ourselves shirtless more frequently. It’s not just that—removing hair from the body when temperatures rise alongside humidity, means less perspiration and better hygiene over the summer months.

Our guide to trimming chest and stomach hair is a walkthrough for achieving balance when it comes to removing body hair, ensuing that chest hair is in proportion to stomach hair and arms.

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04. How to shave your head completely smooth

Thinking about shaving your hair off to avoid maintaining a style throughout lockdown? Or ready to embrace the bald when you step back into the office? Our guide to shaving your head completely smooth runs through the basics of getting started: from tools to wet shaving, how often to do it and ongoing care, this is the go-to guide to achieving a great head shave and maintaining a perfectly naked dome.

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05. How to deal with beard itch

You’ve decided to put down the shaving tools during lockdown to see what it’s like to sport a beard. It’s going well, there’s some good growth, you’re looking great and then—beard itch. A phenomenon? Definitely not. Beard itch happens when we start to grow more hair on our faces and the hair naturally takes moisture from the skin. That means dry, flaky skin that begins to itch beneath a luscious beard.

This guide walks you through how to deal with and prevent beard itch in the future. There’s no need to reach for the electric shaver just yet.

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06. Beginners guide to using electric hair clippers at home

Our team of experts put together an easy guide on how to cut your hair at home with electric hair clippers, the same way the professionals do. Become your own barber at home with a little bit of practice and the right tools to do the job.

Hair clippers typically range anywhere between £20-£70 depending on the brand and the features that the clippers come with. You can choose between mains-powered or cordless models, and whilst cordless does seem more convenient, generally speaking, mains-powered will always give full power compared to battery-charged units.

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