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Vegan No Hair Crew Body & Intimate Hair Removal Cream

Written by Advice Team on September 7, 2020

Whether it’s personal preferences, you’re trying something new, showing off your tattoos or removing hair for sport, there’s no shame in hair removal. Many of us have been there and maybe even reached for a partner’s Veet from time-to-time. We’re introducing No Hair Crew and their Body a Read article...

Why Does My Breath Smell Bad Under A Face Mask

Written by Advice Team on July 30, 2020

Now that we’re all wearing face masks for work, public transportation or shopping, it’s possible that you might have noticed the smell of your breath more and more. Although you might not have realised in the past, a bad breath smell is harder to ignore when it’s contained beneath a face mas Read article...

Below The Belt Grooming For Men to Prevent Perspiration

Written by Advice Team on August 28, 2019

We’ve all suffered weather whiplash the last few months and with September on the horizon, we’re still expected to have some hot spells. That said, we’ve all experienced the very real issue of sweaty balls. Whether suffering through, turning to talcum powder or desperately giving in to an an Read article...

How To Care For A Shaved Head

Written by Advice Team on August 29, 2018

Our advice team recently discussed the reasons why men choose to shave their heads and how to achieve that super smooth look. However, although it might appear like a great option that’s particularly low maintenance, it’s still important to care for the skin and hair follicles that are more expo Read article...

Prevent Ingrown Hairs From Shaving

Written by Advice Team on August 9, 2018

It’s that time of the year again where we’ve taken to shaving more regularly and with the heatwave that’s swept across Great Britain, less hair seems more appealing than ever before. We’ve seen a rise in the purchase of body trimmers and hair clippers and more concern when it comes to skin Read article...

Your Summer Skincare Survival Kit

Written by Advice Team on May 30, 2018

Long days, hot nights and the blazing heat, summer can really take its toll. We’re talking about that dry skin, irritation and the dreaded razor burn. OUCH! But hey, it's summer and at least the sun is out, so let our advice team help you make the most of the beautiful weather we’re having h Read article...