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Philips Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Written by Advice Team on November 17, 2015

Philips produce a wide range of electric shavers, and used to have a specific shaver brand, Philishave. Although Philishave is no longer used as a brand name, its legacy lives on the current Philips models of today. There are currently many Philips shavers to suit all pockets and shaving requirements.

Philips Ranges

In the following section we have identified the main Philips model ranges. You will find all shavers within a range will give the same quality of shave as they share common parts such as the shaving heads and motor.

The different models within that range allow you to choose features such as low charge warning lights, charging level displays, longer running time, shorter charging time etc. Generally, by moving up to a higher range you will find more advanced features and rotary cutting heads.

Let's get started in helping you choose the best Philips shaver for your needs...

Philips Series 9000

Philips' most advanced shaver range to date, offering flexing heads for a comfortable, close shave, as well as offering wet & dry shaving. Building on years of shaving expertise, it features the current best technology Philips have to offer to give their best shave to date. If you want a rotary shaver, perhaps even to replace your retiring Philishave model, and want to experience absolutely the best Philips shave possible, then the Philips Series 9000 is your best option.

Philips SensoTouch 3D

The SensoTouch shavers from Philips have been given a breath-taking design, and are crammed with features to ensure that every curve of your skin gets the smooth flawless shave it deserves.

The SensoTouch range can be used dry, and wet with foam or shaving-gel, and it’s ergonomic handle will mean it won’t be slipping from your hand, and you’ll be in control. The manufacture of the cutting-system and rotary heads are exemplary – with SkinGlide for low-friction shaving, a versatile 360° pivot, and the heads flex both in- and outwards, to deliver the promised soft touch with a smooth finish.

The LED display is touch-responsive, and clearly shows how many minutes of shaving-time you have left, and the full metal frame reassures you of the quality of the materials. The Jet Clean System, provided with the premium models, cleans, lubricates and charges your shaver, promising a fresh new shave every day.

Philips AquaTouch Shavers

Philips’s AquaTouch Wet & Dry range allows you to shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin comfort, or dry for a quick, convenient shave.

Philips PowerTouch Shaver Range

A range of shavers offering greater power for a quick, classic dry shave.

Philips Series 3000

Philips’s Series 3000 shavers are a great introduction to electric shaving or for those of us on a strict budget. Whilst the prices are low, the Philips brand expertise packs some great technology into these small prices.