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Preparation is the Key to Success

Written by Advice Team on October 27, 2015

When you have even remotely sensitive skin, shaving is quite literally a pain in the neck. Unfortunately unless you sport an impressive beard you don't have a lot of options so most men simply grin and bear it and just accept the sore skin and unsightly red rash as a necessary evil of being a modern man. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Most men try to repair the damage of shaving afterwards, but what you really want to do is take preventative measures and prepare your skin before the shave rather than treat it afterwards. Makes sense when you think about it!

When it comes to pain free shaving, hydration is the key to everything and it doesn’t take much time. Pliable, hydrated hairs are much easier to cut than dry, brittle ones and supple, un-flaky skin is much easier and more comfortable to pass the blades over. Using moisturiser regularly keeps both your skin and your stubble soft, smooth and hydrated - but don’t use your significant others - invest in a good quality moisturiser designed for men’s skin and use it twice a day, without fail.

A good quality facial scrub should also be incorporated into your weekly routine. Scrubs remove dead cells from the surface of your skin, revealing fresh new cells, smoothing your skin and brightening your complexion. Choose a scrub to suit your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive) or if you’re unsure go for one with a fine scrubbing agent like walnut powder, and a blend of hydrating and healing elements to combat any redness. Go easy on the application - you’re not trying to manually scrub off your skin - apply with a light touch and let the ingredients work their magic.

We’ll let you into a little secret… pre-shave treatments really do work. Most men scoff at the thought of pre-shave products and regard them as an unnecessary gimmick but any barber worth his salt will tell you that it’s all in the preparation and that a poor pre-shave routine will result in a poor shave. By pre-shave products we are not referring to shaving cream or soap that you use to create the lather - go back a step. We are talking about creams, lotions and oils whose sole purpose is to hydrate and soften your stubble and prepare the hairs for cutting. These products can be used by men who use both a wet electric shaver and a razor - they’re not exclusive.

Choose a pre-shave product that is made with all-natural ingredients and that has a thin, smooth consistency. Thick oils, lotions and creams can clog the razor and brush and leave an oily residue that is difficult to rinse from your skin. To apply, wet your hands and face with hot water and shake a few drops into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to distribute evenly and then gently massage the oil onto the area to be shaved, taking time to cover the full area and coat all of the hairs. With pre-shave products, a little goes a long way so try to aim for as thin a layer as possible and not a heavy coating. Leave the product on the skin for at least a minute to allow it to do it’s thing then continue with the rest of your shaving routine.

Proper pre-shave preparation will result in a close and comfortable shave, free from irritation and with less cuts and nicks. If you’ve never tried it before and suffer discomfort when shaving then you really have nothing to lose. Give it a go and we guarantee you’ll never look back.