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Shaving at the Sink vs in the Shower

Written by Advice Team on March 14, 2018

Shaving at the sink or in the shower is a big debate and everyone has a preference for their personal routine. Most men will have learnt to shave over the sink with a cartridge or straight razor in hand, a fully lathered face and at least twenty-minutes set aside for their shave. You might be as Read article...

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How to Save Time on Men's Grooming Routines

Written by Advice Team on December 29, 2017

There aren’t many men that consider their grooming routine a relaxing ritual. Our recent survey told us that most found it a necessary evil and daily chore. Our experts at Shavers delved into the responses to find out exactly what was making men take more time than they needed to when grooming. Read article...

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Grooming Tips to Make it Through the Cold Weather

Written by Advice Team on October 18, 2017

You might have already noticed the dark mornings setting in and found that you’re struggling to drag yourself from bed. It’s starting to get colder, the winter woollens are coming out and Halloween decoration is brightening up displays with luminous orange (we’ve even seen some Christmas one Read article...

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Self-Cleaning vs Manual Cleaning Electric Shavers

Written by Advice Team on September 18, 2017

These days as modern gentleman we’re always looking for new technologies to save us time. We don’t want to waste precious minutes over tedious tasks that can be done for us just as well but more efficiently. Then again some of us are inherently old fashioned and there’s nothing wrong with th Read article...