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Product Review | Panasonic ER-GD60 i-Shaper 3-in-1 Trimmer

Written by Advice Team on September 17, 2019

The Panasonic ER-GD60 I-Shaper is an award winning beard trimmer and one of the best sellers for 2019, with excellent edging capabilities, a durable yet gentle blade and one of the best reviewed trimmers available. Our expert team tried and reviewed the Panasonic I-Shaper to see if it lived up to its high ratings across the board and we’re pleased to report it did. See our full review below.

Product Review
Panasonic ER-GD60 i-Shaper 3-in-1 Trimmer


Pure Beauty Awards 2017 Gold Winner

Beards haven’t made a shocking resurgence and despite the claims that there’s been a surge in popularity since the coining of “Hipsters”, the choice to have a beard or several day old facial hair is nothing new. Beards have been around since the Palaeolithic era and with tools created from shells and obsidian, it’s fair to say that men had the choice thousands of years ago and still stuck with a beard.

The Panasonic ER-GD60 i-Shaper has taken a unique approach to its design to create an innovative handle and blade angle, making it easier to keep an eye on progress whilst trimming and styling. It helps to improve even and balanced design whilst designing for super slick, super neat lines.

A balanced and superior trim with the Panasonic ER-GD60

Superior beard styling and edging

The ER-GD60 attachment allows for precise styling even in harder to reach areas around the cheeks and beneath the jaw. The detail attachment reduces the size of the trimmer head from 35mm to 5mm - making it much easier to edge and shave for precise stubble such as goatees and defined jawlines. The entire shape of the trimmer and the blade itself is a little reminiscent of an extended throat cut razor and it has a similar sense when using it against the skin, over the traditional front facing action of a trimmer.


Easy beard trimming

The beard trimmer comes with an attachment that provides a total of 20 different cutting lengths from 0.5 to 10mm, changed by the turn of a dial for total control. The trimmer ensures an easy and clean trim for whatever desired style and its ergonomic and unique design is easy to use, facilitating a variety of beard shapes and styles.

For a closer shave

The rounded edges of the fixed blade ensure minimal contact with the skin, making it perfect for a quick and dry shave. The narrow gaps on the blade protect the skin and are much gentler for those that are prone to skin irritation when shaving.

Its convenient 3-in-1 design offers precise trimming and Panasonic have stated the blade lasts for an exceptional 3-years for less frequent blade replacements. The trimmer itself is feels easier to control, much more balanced and with the trimming attached, allows for better adjustment lengths whilst simply overseeing what and where is being trimmed.


Other specs of note

Not entirely waterproof

The Panasonic ER-GD60 isn’t entirely waterproof so don’t take it in the shower or submerge in the sink to rise it off. Panasonic have used similar Japanese Blade Technology to their electric shaver, the ES-LV9Q and whilst it’s durable and long-lasting, it’s best to run water against the blade only. We’d recommend regular maintenance with oil applied to the blades between trims to ensure blades reach the optimum and 3-year lifetime. Both corded and cordless, the beard trimmer takes 1-hour of charging to give 50 minutes of usage.


What customers think of the Panasonic ER- GD60

Don’t just take the Shavers team’s word for it on this one, many of our customers have already started to move toward the unique shape and style offering of the ED-GD60.

Shavers Customer Review

Nice Machine - 5 out of 5

“I've been using a different trimmer for over three years, which I've been happy with but thought I'd see if this was any better. I've only used it once but I really like it. Being able to adjust the depth with a dial is great and very straightforward, The cut is also very good but this could be the result of a new blade. It's also less awkward to use than I expected and this will improve over time. I would recommend.” - Goatieman, 7th February 2019

Quirky but performs well - 4 out of 5

“The shaver takes a bit of getting used to. Holding it at a different angle and using it with the guard feels very odd, but the results are excellent. Can be used as mains or rechargeable, although the battery life is limited (one shave or two at the most). Cleaning of the guards is a bit of a pain compared with tradition guards - lots of nooks and crannies, and oiling before and after every use is a bit of pain.

Would be better with longer battery life and easier to clean guards, but no reason not to buy. Been using for a couple of weeks now and wife happier with the results versus my previous Andis T-liner. Battery wasn't holding charge hence the new purchase.” - BruceB, 29th july 2018


The pros and cons of the Panasonic I-Shaper


  • Due to the unique style of the i-shaper, it can be a little difficult to get used to holding the trimmer at a different angle.
  • Regular maintenance is needed and whilst all blades should be thoroughly cleaned between use, the I-shaper definitely needs more TLC with regular oiling.
  • Only the head of the trimmer has waterproofing and can be rinsed but not submerged.


  • The i-shaper was awarded gold at the Pure Beauty Awards in 2017 for “Best New Male Shaving and Beard Product”.
  • Once used to it, the unique style of handle and blade feels much easier to navigate and see exactly where is being trimmed for easy control.
  • Little to no snagging of hair and much less irritation.
  • Japanese blade technology with excellent cutting power.
  • Styling attachment offers superior edging.

What’s in the box

The trimmer comes with a cleaning brush, oil, AC charger, suedette travel pouch, blade guard and trimming attachment.


Top specs

Key specifications of note for the Panasonic ER-GD60.

  • Corded / Cordless operations (AC/RC).
  • Washable head but not body.
  • 1hr full charge for 50 minutes use.
  • 100 - 240 voltage for worldwide use.
  • Ni-MH battery.
  • Suede travel pouch and travel lock.
  • 20 different trimming lengths (0.5 - 10mm) with adjustable dial.
  • Detail attachment for edging and styling.


Shavers expert’s opinion on the Panasonic I-Shaper

“It was a bit hard to get to grips with at first, I’ve been using a standard beard trimmer for so long, the shape of the I-shaper seemed odd. When I got used to it though, it was much easier to use for precise trimming and I could definitely see a difference when it comes to edging.

You can achieve much cleaner lines without painstaking attempts to edge with more cumbersome trimmers or swapping out for scissors. I prefer a cleaner, more groomed beard shape, and it definitely got the job done quicker and more smoothly that my normal trimming routine. Great trimmer.” - Jamie from Shavers.

Final thoughts on the Panasonic beard trimmer

Whilst the Panasonic ER-GD60 I-Shaper certainly has an innovative design, it’s nothing to be concerned about swapping your old or current trimmer out for. It takes a couple of uses to really get a handle on the new shape and exactly how to use it to style and trim, but it really does make a lot of difference for both precision and the ability to see exactly how much/where is being trimmed.

Panasonic’s Japanese Blade Technology does make a big difference to the closeness of shave and the overall performance of the trimmer is exceptional, so it’s no surprise that it won an award.

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