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Product Review: The New Panasonic ES-LV9Q Electric Shaver

Written by Advice Team on September 15, 2018

Panasonic have released their latest innovation in electric shavers with premium precision for both wet and dry shaves. The Panasonic ES-LV9Q takes a huge leap forward and makes way for a new generation in electric shavers, with an increasing awareness of men wanting to save as much time as possible on their grooming routines. That’s why they’ve advanced their cutting action and flexible head for a quicker, closer shave.

Product Review: The New Panasonic ES-LV9Q

The World’s Fastest Electric Shaver Precision Meets Speed




The latest innovation has advantages for men with more sensitive skin, who are prone to skin irritation and ingrown hairs. The new multi-flex head and 5-blades work in tandem with speedy cutting action to create the closest shave possible. Hairs are no longer missed or cut at an angle, which helps to prevent hairs from penetrating the skin and growing beneath. Due to the multi-flex head, the shaver also follows facial contours with ease and is especially great for the neck area.

What is the Panasonic Arc 5 range?

The Arc 5 range is Panasonic’s high-end line of electric shavers that feature a 5-blade shaving head that is designed to give the foil blades an arched appearance. They’re at their third generation of Arc 5 electric shavers and the ES-LV9Q has entered the line as the fastest electric shaver available, as well as being the most precise. Its predecessor, the ES-LV95, is still a top of the line model, however, the ES-LV9Q introduces additional features giving it the authority for the big shot of new tools for men’s grooming.

How does the Panasonic ES-LV9Q differ
from previous Arc 5 models?

Speed of Shave

The Panasonic ES-LV9Q is being marketed as the next generation in electric shavers for men wanting to achieve the closest shave available. The latest model in the Arc 5 range offers both precision and speed. Its predecessor, the ES-LV95, also boasted a 14,000cpm linear motor but the latest model has a 70,000 cross-cutting action per minute, due to its remodelled 5-blade cutting system and multi-flex head.

The ultra-fast combo doesn’t affect power and a close shave can be achieved every time with no missed whiskers, even when shaving heavier beards.

Multi-Flex 5D Head

Panasonic went back to the drawing board and redeveloped the suspension mechanism to improve the movement of the head for the ES-LV9Q. The new flexible head moves with facial contours and comes into close contact with the skin, but also prevents irritation for a smoother shave.

The new Multi-Flex Head can slide, twist, move up & down, left & right, and forward & backward. That means no matter the angle in which you direct the electric shaver, it will always comfortably move against facial contours without tugging at hair. In previous Arc 5 models, the head hasn’t been able to slide or twist, and so, the new head allows for superior contact, especially when it comes to the neck.

The 5-blade head has two finishing foils, two reverse tapered foils and a quick lift trimmer, which has been improved upon from previous models to capture longer hairs.


Japanese Blade Technology

Panasonic has made a point of improving their blades with the advanced art of ancient Japanese blade craft. They have applied the state-of-the-art technology to develop their blades to an outstanding quality to ensure toughness, sharpness and precision.

Smart Lock Functionality

The smart lock functionality is an astute add-on that can detect your grasp when holding the electric shaver. It only unlocks and turns on ready to shave when you are. Once released - the electric shaver will lock after sixty-seconds and is particularly useful for those looking for a fool-proof safety lock for travel.

Model Design

The Panasonic ES-VL9Q has a bolder, slicker look and feel. It’s slightly heavier than its predecessor but it feels sturdier in hand and the rubber grip wraps further around the shaver’s body.

The construction of the model looks more advanced with less being more and the accents of gold make for a design that proves quality. Its silver body doesn’t look like the chromium finish on other Panasonic models, instead, it takes on a matt finish of the stainless steel blades. Overall, it really does look the part of the next generation of electric shavers.

What are the similarities between the Panasonic ES-LV9Q
and previous Arc 5 models?

LCD Displays

The Panasonic ES-VL9Q features the same 10 stage multifunction display as other models but the display projects on the LV9Q's sleek steel silver body.

Multi-LED (1)

Automatic Cleaning Station

Just as the other high-end models such as the Panasonic ES-LV95, the LV9Q comes equipped with an automatic cleaning station for the owner's ease. Panasonic’s cleaning stations have a range of options for use from dry only and a clean to dry cycle. The stations are relatively compact, efficient with their detergent usage and refills are reasonably priced.


Travel Case and Accessories

The ES-LV9Q comes with Panasonic’s standard soft travel pouch, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, AC adapter and an automatic cleaning station.

Battery, Battery Life, Blades

The LV9Q has a Li-ion battery that has an approximate charging time of 1-hour as other Arc 5 models do. The battery life expectancy is 3-years and the shaver’s battery isn’t intended for the owner to change, but for authorised service centres, such as It’s also recommended that the foil blades are replaced every 18-months to maintain performance.

Automatic Beard Density Sensor

Panasonic's shaving sensor technology recognises the differences in the density of your beard as you shave. The sensor acknowledges where power needs to be boosted, but also where to reduce power to minimise skin irritation, whilst still achieving optimal results when shaving.



What are the differences between
the Panasonic ES-LV9Q and ES-LV95?


The Panasonic range offer some of the closest shaves out there and their foil blades are incredibly gentle to the skin (a bonus for those who suffer from razor burn and irritation). With similar features and the classic Panasonic style, our expert advice team deep dived into the specs and features to compare the two models. Read the full review here.

Shavers conclusion on the Panasonic LV9Q

The Panasonic ES-LV9Q certainly puts speed to the test and the overall experience is smoother, more consistent and takes minutes off of a morning shave that can sometimes feel like a chore. The LV9Q turned our routine into a relaxing ritual and the ease of the automatic cleaning system cut down even more time spent in front of the mirror.

The unit itself is light, has a good grip, and wasn’t particularly noisy like some of the higher end electric shavers. We did feel noticeably smoother and there were hardly any moments having to repeatedly go over the same area to catch a few stray whiskers.

All in all, the Panasonic ES-LV9Q seems like a hefty purchase, but when factoring in the quality and closeness of shave, as well as the longevity of electric shavers from the brand, we feel like it's an investment. With foil blades usually lasting up to 18 months and Li-ion batteries lasting as much as 3 years, your money would be more than made back over time. Plus, we can't help but appreciate that the lack of irritation and ingrown hairs after regular use.