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Self-Cleaning vs Manual Cleaning Electric Shavers

Written by Advice Team on September 18, 2017

These days as modern gentleman we’re always looking for new technologies to save us time. We don’t want to waste precious minutes over tedious tasks that can be done for us just as well but more efficiently. Then again some of us are inherently old fashioned and there’s nothing wrong with that. We like to take the time to look after items we’ve bought that are made to last, as long as we take care of them.

In a recent survey we conducted, we found that on average, Shavers’ customers are spending 10-20 minutes grooming each day and what was the biggest factor that stopped men from grooming? Time.

Generally speaking, electric shavers cut down the time spent on our daily grooming routines but there’s another consideration - cleaning and looking after our kit. We decided to take a look at the pros and cons of manual cleaning vs self-cleaning systems.

After every shave, your electric shaver collects debris such as skin cells, hair strands and particles from foam or gel. It’s important to keep your electric shaver clean and maintain the blades and foils for efficiency as well as hygiene. It also maintains the durability of your shaver so it’ll last longer.

Most manufacturers now offer self-cleaning systems with their range of electric shavers that automatically maintain the product.

Self-cleaning station The Pros

Charge, clean, dry and lubricate That’s right. Most self-cleaning systems automatically do all the work. You just place the electric shaver head down into the unit and push a button.

Fuss-free shaving experience You no longer have to spend time clicking the blades open and taking the brush to it. No more rinsing the shaver with water and leaving the head to dry before putting it back together.

Hygienic Placing the shaver in the station means that it’s being cleaned regularly if you find that you’re a little less disciplined when it comes to cleaning. That means a fresh shave feeling every day.

Optimum performance Shaver's are automatically charged which means they’re on full power with every use. You’ll achieve a closer shave and not to mention, the blades will be in better condition because of the daily clean. Most stations come with a lubricating feature too, so cutting efficiency is optimised and the station self-dries the electric shaver at the end of the process ready for the next use.

The Cons

Takes up space The systems themselves can take up some counter room in the bathroom but with a little organisation, they’ll fit in amongst the rest of your standard toiletries.

Price Cleaning systems are more often bought alongside electric shavers but it is possible to buy the system individually. Cleaning systems are upwards of £30 depending on the model needed for your electric shaver, as one size doesn’t fit all. You’ll need to research which system you’ll need for your shaver. It’s important to consider the cleaning solution refills too but generally speaking, a refill pack lasts for a few months (longer if you’re not activating the cleaning system every day.)

Manual cleaning

The Pros

Electrical ease Generally speaking, electric shavers are not difficult to clean with the small brush that comes with most units, as well as rinsing them under running water. You can also buy lubricants for your electric shaver separately and some come with a handy little bottle when you first purchase the shaver.

The Cons

Time consuming Cleaning the shaver after every use, as well as leaving the head to air dry before putting the shaver back together, can be time-consuming and often becomes a tedious and repetitive task.

Easy to forget When we’re in a rush, we tend to leave the cleaning until later and sometimes we simply forget to clean the shaver. However, when electric shavers aren’t cleaned as often as they should be, blades and foils end up needing to be changed more regularly. Not to mention bacteria can remain on your blade and lead to a less hygienic shave.

Foils are sensitive If you’re using a foil electric shaver they can easily become damaged and you need to handle them with extra care. Even using the supplied cleaning brushes can cause damage to foils.