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Should I Be Using A Shaving Brush?

Written by Advice Team on July 25, 2018

Shaving brushes have been around for a long time and that can’t be a bad thing. They’ve been popular with barbers for decades, who offer hair care such as the cutthroat shave and there’s a good reason why many still use a shaving brush to lather up your face before they do so. Here’s why, and why you might want to consider investing in a shaving brush for your next wet shave...

Should I be using a shaving brush?


For most men, squeezing foam or gel from the dispenser into their hand and slapping it onto their face is the best way to go. A smudge here and there and they’re ready to put the blade to skin. However, a good lather is key to a close wet shave.

Natural oils are removed from your face every time you wash and that leaves the skin unprotected from the blade. Not only does some gel, foam and cream have moistorising qualities to rehydrate the face, it also acts as a barrier to protect your skin from irritation. If you find that you’re prone to razor burn, bumps, nicks, cuts and generally uncomfortable wet shaves, then using a shaving brush to achieve a thick lather is for you.


How to achieve a superior lather

When wet shaving you should always be using warm water to dampen your face first. Straight after a shower or bath is best, but if you’re in a rush, splash your face with warm water to soften skin and open pores. This will help aid a smoother shave and cause less irritation to your skin.

The next step is to create a better barrier against your skin. When you use a razor or wet electric shaver, you’re putting a blade against your skin, and not prepping it beforehand means tugging hairs, nicks and cuts. To achieve the very best barrier possible, using gel, foam or cream, pop some into a dish and then moisten your shaving brush with a little warm water.

By whisking the foam, gel or cream with the bristle end of the brush, you will see its volume increase.

You should then ‘paint’ the lather over the areas you’re going to remove the hair from. The bristles flex and move with the contours of your face. That means that the lather is getting underneath the hair and lifts it from your face. It creates a barrier but forces the hair to stand on end, so you’re not having to go over the same area more than once to catch missed hair.

For more on how to use shaving soap and the right technique, read our how-to article.

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