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Staycation Grooming Essentials

Written by Advice Team on July 28, 2021

Many of us might not be stepping off the plane this year and soaking in that immediate burst of warm air, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what Great Britain has to offer. From sandy beaches to the beautiful countryside; even if we don’t get the much-anticipated sun, there’s plenty of locations around the country to soak up some R&R

Staycation Grooming Essentials for Men


Sun, sea and staycation?

Here’s the checklist you’ve been waiting for...

The Shavers team put together a quick guide to some of their staycation favourites, to throw into their bag and go…

Battery Operated & Rechargeable Grooming

Going old school camping with a tent?

Panasonic ES-SL41-S511 Milano Silver 3-Blade Men's Electric Shaver

Panasonic’s unique 3-blade Wet and Dry Milano electric shavers offer the perfect alternative to the disposable razor. The ES-SL41 offers a stylish ergonomic design with a soft rubber grip for ultimate speed, comfort and ease of use.

Its curved foil design and 3-blade cutting system has both wet and dry technology, which allows for 21 minutes of cordless shaving at full charge.

Wahl 8066-717 Pocket Pro Black Beard Trimmer

Ideal for trimming unwanted body hair and maintaining some shape, the Pocket Pro Trimmer is great for beards, necklines, sideburns and around the ears for that well-groomed look.

Battery operated with high-carbon steel blades, the precision ground blades are designed to stay sharp longer and the ergonomic shape of the trimmer makes it easy to hold and cut at different angles.

Wahl 9655-017 9655 Cordless Essentials Mains/Rechargeable Hair Clipper

This Wahl hair clipper is both mains and rechargeable, meaning it can be charged with enough power to cover a quick clip whilst you’re away. Featuring an ergonomic shape for grip, rinseable, high-carbon precision steel blades and 45 minutes of run time from a full charge. The kit comes with 10 guide combs, a barber comb, scissors, 2x hair clips, oil, amp and storage pouch for travel.

Panasonic ER-GN30 Wet/Dry Battery Operated Nose & Ear Trimmer

The Panasonic trimmer provides a safe and easy way to trim facial hair such as hair around the nose, eyebrows and ears. This trimmer uses a rotary cutting system that is fast and safe, eliminating the possibility of injury from using scissors. Battery-powered, it’s a go-to for travel and keeping unruly facial hair at bay.

Keeping Fresh

The Bearded Man Co.

If you’re still rocking your lockdown beard, you’re probably about to experience some classic British summertime. Sweaty face, anyone? When it comes to beard hair, it starts to soak up the natural oils from the skin and that’s when we’re greeted with the dreaded beard itch. Beard oil is great for injecting your beard hair with some welcome hydration and it smells great too. One of our favourites is The Bearded Man Co. Black Coffee scent.

Below The Belt

A game-changer? We think so. Imagine a hot, balmy summers day and a very uncomfortable, sweaty package. Below the belt keeps you feeling dry and super fresh all day. Dermatologically tested, vegan, talc-free, and cruelty-free, the gentle formula leaves you feeling completely refreshed.

Scalp Protector

Bald by choice? We’re big fans of the Calypso Scalp Protection spray with SPF 30. Specially formulated to provide instant protection for both the hair and scalp from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Water-resistant, quick-drying and non-greasy, the solution provides high protection for both the scalp and parting.

Nivea Travel Essentials 5 Piece Gift Set

Here you were thinking gift sets were only for Christmas; this 5 piece has all of the essentials for travel with energy-boosting shower gel, roll-on antiperspirant, lip balm, face cream and a handy clear case to drop in your travel bag.