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The Benefits of Shaving Soap and How to Use Them

Written by Advice Team on October 2, 2017

Shaving soaps have existed since the early 1800’s but are less commonly used in the mainstream today, which is a crying shame. Shaving soap comes with a bit of a learning curve; it takes practice and a certain level of technique before you will consistently achieve a superior lather, but it’s worth the time and dedication. Die-hard traditionalists will use nothing other than this age-old method; reason being it comes with benefits...

1. Closer shave
Because the natural oils on the face and stubble are removed by the shaving soap, water is better able to penetrate the whiskers, softening them, which results in a cleaner cut, closer finish and a more comfortable shave.

2. Increased hydration
Shaving soaps create a richer, deeper lather and deliver increased hydration when compared to other shave prep products, such as foams, creams and oils.

3. More environmentally friendly
As they are not dispensed from an aerosol shaving soaps also more environmentally friendly than their counterparts.

Are you willing and ready to wet shave like a boss? Here’s everything you need to know…

Tools - Shaving brush*
- Shaving bowl (a short and wide bowl is more preferable)
- Shaving soap

* To use shaving soap a shaving brush is a prerequisite. If you’ve not used a brush before give it a go and you can thank us later - it’s the single biggest change you can make to your shaving routine in order to achieve a superior shave. Read more about the humble shaving brush.

Technique 1. Soak your shaving brush Fill your shaving bowl with clean warm water and place your shaving brush in it to soak for a few minutes. Once your brush is thoroughly soaked, flick off any excess water so it’s not dripping and empty the bowl of all but a teaspoon of water.

2. Soften the shaving soap While your brush is soaking add a few drops of warm water to the top of the shaving soap and leave it for a few minutes to soften.

3. Build the lather Take the brush and swirl it over the soap for 10-15 seconds and then transfer to the bowl. Use a light pressure to whip up a lather in the bowl - be careful not to push the brush too heavily into the bowl as this will damage the bristles and risk breaking them off. After approximately one minute (15 to 50 spins) you will see the lather start to build up - the more swirls the thicker the lather.  You will know when the leather is ready as it will stop being bubbly and will begin to thicken. If you’re not creating a full lather simply add more water, not more pressure. The key here is to add water little by little to avoid making the lather too watery.

4. Apply the lather Once you are confident that you have a good, thick lather, it’s time to start applying it. Ensure that the tip of the brush is evenly coated with cream and then apply to the face slowly (it should take at least a minute) and evenly, using gentle back and forth (not circular) motions until the area to be shaved is completely covered with a generous layer. By brushing it on, you ensure that you get the cream right down to the surface of the skin, lifting and suspending the hairs in the cream in readiness for cutting.

Now you’re ready to go here’s how to wet shave like a pro.