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The Best Grooming Products Under £20

Written by Advice Team on April 4, 2018

The majority of men use between 1 and 4 separate products in their grooming routine every day, whilst some use even more. We’ve taken a look at the best selling and best rated products across the Shavers offering. From pre shave products to help you achieve the closest possible shave, travel electric shavers, and trimmers for both beard and head hair.

If you’re thinking of experimenting with a new product or are interested in introducing something new into your routine, take a look at some of the most popular products out there. What’s more, they’re all under £20.

Grace Cole Homme Immaculate 5 Piece Gift Set

The Grace Cole Homme Immaculate set is the perfect gift for any man looking for a refresh of his grooming products. From face wash to shampoo to moisturiser, the gift set has a mix of luxurious products that would be a perfect add-on gift for a Birthday or Father’s day.

  BLOCMEN Derma Pre Shave Powder Stick

The BLOCMEN Derma powder stick does exactly what it says on the tin and has been specially developed for men with sensitive skin types. It offers the same smooth, electric shave as the other powder sticks but doesn’t contain any colourants or fragrance, so you can rest assured the ingredients are going to keep your skin calm and clear.

  King of Shaves Sensitive Advanced 20ml Pre Shave Oil

The King of Shaves Sensitive Advanced Pre Shave Oil is the most advanced shaving oil there is. It ensures maximum shaver and blade glide and comes in an easy pump action dispenser. Many Shavers customers have found it works better than creams and gels, and think that it helps them to get the perfect, close shave.

  Philips Plus 2-Head Battery Men's Electric Shaver

The Philips Plus 2-Head Battery electric shaver combines a Close Cut shaving system with independently floating heads to adapt to your facial contours, for a close and efficient shave. Self-sharpening blades help maintain the shaver, lasting up to 2 years. Look your best every day, for less. Shavers customers have rated it 4.6 out of 5 and say it’s great for a compact shaver for travel.

  Wahl Groomsman Essentials Battery Grooming Kit

The Wahl Groomsman Essentials Cordless Battery Grooming Kit is the affordable tool every man needs and is the ideal travel trimmer. The Close trim and six-precision attachment combs provide you with multiple cutting lengths, letting you create the style you want to suit you. It’s both a hair and beard trimmer and is ideal for those tricky ears like the neckline and sideburns.

  Braun CruZer6 Beard & Head Hair Trimmer

For a powerful trimming experience, the Braun CruZer6 Beard & Hair Trimmer will help you to create and maintain your style; from a neatly trimmed beard to designer stubble. The beard & hair trimmer features a dual-battery system, is fully washable and offers easy styling. It’s perfect for keeping your beard maintained and is one of Shavers’ customer favourites, with 4.7 out of 5 stars.

  The Bearded Man Co. 10ml Mahogany Essential Natural Beard Oil

Go natural with The Bearded Man Co Mahogany Beard Oil. The 100% natural, high-performance beard oil provides soft, conditioning and nourishing results day after day. No-fuss ingredients ensure the oil is kind to your skin, preventing any irritation with daily use. It’s fast-absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy, and rehydrates the skin beneath the hair of your beard to prevent beard itch and breakages.

If you’ve not found what you’re looking for - take a look at the rest of the Shavers range.