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Tips to Get a Better Shave on Your Neck

Written by Advice Team on September 7, 2016

Your neck can be a difficult area to shave and you may find it difficult to achieve the result you want. The hair on your neck grows in a variety of directions, which makes it tricky for a single stroke of the shaver to catch as much as it might around the rest of your face. With that in mind, keep reading to discover our top tips on how to get a better shave on your neck.

You may need to cover the same area from multiple directions, rather than a single stroke. To complicate matters even more, the hair on the neck lays flatter than the hairs on the rest of your face. This makes it even harder for the blades to capture the hair to perform the cut.

The Panasonic ES-LV65 Arc5 Wet & Dry electric shaver is ideal for this type of issue. The Lift-Tech Foil features reverse tapered edges that help lift and cut hairs that lie flat. In addition, the Slit Blade catches longer hairs that grow in multiple directions, providing a smoother shave.

Regardless of the type of shaver you have, using the right technique and allowing a little extra time on the neck area should easily make a great result achievable.

Tip 1. Tightening and straightening the neck area will help significantly, causing the flatter lying hairs to stand proud on the skin and to help the shaver easily catch them to perform the cut. To do this, try leaning forwards slightly and then tilt your head backwards.

Tip 2. You may also move your lower jaw up and forwards a little to maximise the effect. This will stretch the skin under your chin and around the neck. Experiment with this idea and develop your own technique as you begin to shave, adjusting the angle of your head, left to right as well your jaw, tensing the muscles as needed.

Tip 3. As you will need to go over the same area more than normal and from different directions, we highly recommend taking very light strokes as the neck is often more sensitive. No pressure is needed, simply let the shaver skim along the skin which in return will help the cutter guards catch particularly flat and awkward hairs.

Due to the sensitivity around the neck when shaving, some suffer with soreness as a consequence. You can improve the situation considerably by using a quality pre-shave treatment which is easily and quickly applied before you shave.

These treatments protect your skin against friction, plus help the shaver glide over the face and neck without sticking, bunching or compressing the skin. We highly recommend the BLOCMEN Powder Sticks and the King of Shaves Kinexium Pre-Shave Oil. You can view our best-selling range of pre-shave products below.

It is often the case that your skin and hair follicles will adjust to the cutting method. If you have recently switched from another means of shaving you may require a short time for you to persevere with a new technique and soon enough results will come your way.

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