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Top Five Body Shaving Tools

Written by Advice Team on January 31, 2018

Unless you’re an athlete then you’re likely not considering removing all of your body hair. A trim will do but an important point to consider is making sure that your hair is in proportion, especially when it comes to chest, stomach and arm hair.

If you only have a little growth on the face then you can go shorter on the chest. On the other hand, if you are rocking a beard then you can afford to go a bit longer all over. When it comes to shaving your balls, you need to consider the length, thickness and coverage of the rest of your body, too.

We took a look at some of the best-rated body grooming tools, as reviewed by Shavers customers.


Wahl Rechargeable Multi Grooming Kit

The Wahl Rechargeable Trimmer Multi-Grooming Kit provides professional performance with a number of attachments: a 5-position comb and 3 close-trim combs to give you a range of style options. The trimmer blade, precision detailer, and dual shaver all help you to customise your style and create the look you want and maintain it.

Shavers customer’s rate the Wahl Rechargeable Multi Grooming Kit 5 out of 5

“Product is best of type that I have used. I certainly recommend it.” Submitted by James


Philips Bodygroom Series 3000 Body Trimmer

Shave and trim underarms, chest, abs, back, shoulders, groin area and legs safely and comfortably with the Philips BodyGroom Series 3000 Body Trimmer. This trimmer is 100% waterproof and is the ultimate skin-friendly body trimmer; hypoallergenic and pearl tips prevent skin irritation for a smooth shave every time.

Shavers customer’s rate the Bodygroom Series 3000 Body Trimmer 4.9 out of 5

“With a trimmer each side of the foil shaver, and a foil shaver which causes no irritation, you can basically "go at" yourself without any worry. Highly recommended, a problem solver in my situation, and very reasonably priced.” Submitted by Stephen Jones


Wahl Groomsman Essentials Battery Grooming Kit

The Wahl Groomsman Essentials Cordless Battery Grooming Kit is the affordable tool every man needs and is the ideal travel trimmer. The Close Trim and six-precision attachment combs provide you with multiple cutting lengths, letting you create the style you want to suit you.

Shavers customer’s rate the Groomsman Essentials Battery Grooming Kit as 5 out of 5

“Great product from Wahl!. I purchased this along with the balding clippers and this cut just as well but at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended.” Submitted by Baldy Man


Wahl Rechargeable Body Groomer

The Wahl Body Groomer has a revolutionary rotating head which enables cutting from 12 different angles to deliver a personalised grooming experience. Simply rotate the head to lock into your desired angle to suit the area you want to trim or shave. Use the wide shaver head for a close, smooth finish and the standard trimmer head for beards, stubble, sideburns and hairlines as well as all over body grooming.

Shavers customer’s rate the Wahl Rechargeable Body Groomer as 4.5 out of 5

“Excellent product, first class service.” Submitted by Hussar


King of Shaves Prostyle Multi Styler Grooming Kit

Got sensitive skin? Fear not, as the King of Shaves Prostyle Multi Styler Grooming Kit feature hypoallergenic stainless steel blades which glide gently over the skin for a smooth shave. Four interchangeable trimmer and shaver heads let you customise the styling tool to tailor the features to create the look you want.

Shavers customer’s rate the Wahl Rechargeable Body Groomer as 4.5 out of 5

“Will buy again!” Submitted by John


Not trimmed or shaved your body hair before? Here are two handy guides to trimming chest and stomach hair and shaving your balls safely. If you’re concerned about skin irritation or post-shave itch - consider your post-shave care.

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