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Vegan No Hair Crew Body & Intimate Hair Removal Cream

Written by Advice Team on September 7, 2020

Whether it’s personal preferences, you’re trying something new, showing off your tattoos or removing hair for sport, there’s no shame in hair removal. Many of us have been there and maybe even reached for a partner’s Veet from time-to-time. We’re introducing No Hair Crew and their Body and Intimate Hair Removal Creams.

No Hair Crew Body & Intimate Hair Removal Cream


No Hair Crew have specifically designed, tested and proven to be an effective hair removal option for men. Men’s hair often tends to be coarser than female hair, and so, that means the roots are often deeper with thicker hair and so, the Body & Intimate Hair Removal creams have been developed entirely for men.

Hair removal creams are smeared onto the body in a thick layer over the desired area, usually with a spatula, and is then left for the recommended time for wiping off. The hair is dissolved just below skin level or the hair’s base. Using hair removal creams last 3-5 times longer than shaving, is less itchy as it grows back and causes less razor bumps too.

Men’s Body Hair Removal Cream

The fast action Body Hair Removal Cream is a pain-free way of removing hair from all over the body (except that sensitive intimate area!) Ease of use with optimum results, hair removal cream lasts longer and works to prevent less ingrown hairs (they tend to occur when the hair is cut blunt by a blade and works its way back under the skin as it grows). Containing soothing ingredients and proven 24-hour hydration, the No Hair Crew leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Taking only 5-minutes to work with an easy grip spatula for application, the vegans and cruelty free hair removal cream has been dermatologically tested too. The product contains ginseng which is known for complexion boosting, rich in antioxidants to stimulate the skin.

Men’s Intimate Hair Removal Cream

No Hair Crew’s Intimate Hair Removal Cream is still as effective but much more gentle to skin in those particular sensitive areas like your groin, balls and buttocks. A fantastic hair removal option for men without the fear of cuts, knicks or the extra preparation needed for shaving and trimming below the belt. Much the same as the Body Hair Removal Cream, it helps to prevent ingrown hairs, lasts longer than shaving and leaves skin feeling smooth.

The intimate hair removal cream needs less time to be effective too. The thin hairs on your balls need much less time than the coarse hair on your groin. Experiment with a patch in each area first, so that you can understand how long you need to leave the cream on for your type of hair. It can take as little and less than 3 minutes to take action.

Completely vegan, cruelty free and dermatologically tested for your sensitive skin. The product contains seaweed for its known benefits to soothe and hydrate skin.

Not thought about removing hair from your intimate areas before? Take a read of our guide on how to shave your balls safely and the benefits of doing so.