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Why Media has Influenced Men’s Attitudes to Male Grooming

Written by Advice Team on December 20, 2017

A few years ago the media’s influence on men was subtle but over the last decade, its impact has become more and more evident. Men are looking to celebrities, models and even adult film stars, as inspiration for their own body image. Men’s grooming and manscaping have had a significant boom, particularly in younger men, who have become considerably more health and body-conscious than previous generations.

Men are buying grooming products themselves, they’re no longer neglecting their skincare routines and have taken to manscaping, from shaving their chest to back and even manscaping below the belt.

The term ‘metrosexual’ is often thrown around but in reality, it’s nothing more than a word coined in the 90’s for men who groomed. Men are simply taking more care of themselves, with the likes of Men’s Health being a widely celebrated and supported issue.

We recently conducted a grooming survey to understand and learn more about our customers grooming habits. It was evident that the media has had a big impact on the decision to groom, from social media to magazines to adult websites and more. At Shavers, we’re serious about men’s grooming and committed to being at the forefront of the industry, as well as offering sound and expert advice to our readers.

That’s why we wanted to dismiss some of the common misconceptions around male grooming that’s widely (and sometimes wrongly) been made popular by the media.

There’s nothing wrong with male grooming

Growing up, many of us were educated by men around us that grooming wasn’t ‘manly’. The fact is - grooming is simply looking after ourselves, whether that’s caring for our skin that’s affected by weather conditions and pollution daily, or taking the time to shave, trim or moisturise the hair that grows from us. Why? It’s hygienic, it keeps things maintained and for many of us, our professions expect a certain level of personal upkeep.

We’re supposed to look a certain way

Your grooming routine, technique and style is entirely down to your personal preference. Many men have their own preferment and some groom to please a partner, but there’s no right or wrong. Some men prefer a clean shave, other’s a beard and there are those that sport a moustache. That preference is reflected beneath clothes too. There’s no expectation for men to shave or trim their body hair but it’s often found that there are health benefits in doing so. Better hygiene for one, changing tools can improve skin (think about razor burn and irritation) and shave products such as post-shave balm or beard oil can really hydrate skin, to keep it looking fresh rather than tired and dry.

The likes of adult websites and entertainment has had a significant effect on male grooming too. Sculptured men with little to no hair have seemingly had a huge influence on 18-34 year olds, and they’ve taken to grooming their body hair as well as their facial hair.

It has to sound masculine or else it’s not

In previous years, many brands steered away from using words such as comfort, sensitive or even detailing the scent of a product in its description. Fortunately, that misconception has been rejected by a lot of brands recently.

Sensitive and comfort are merely a means of communicating a skin type for men who suffer from the likes of razor burn or irritation. Who wants to use something that gives the connotation of being rough or hard against the already inflamed skin?

Beards are just a phase…

Beards have been around forever. They just receive a lot more attention in the media these days. With a generation of ‘hipsters’ and brands making more products for beard use, a lot more men have taken to growing out their facial hair. They’re not going to go away and if anything, beards are going to become more popular and more accepted within the workplace. There’s such a wide range of products available to maintain beards, that there’s no excuse to not keep them trim and healthy.

The main point is - male grooming is no longer a taboo. It’s just as manly to groom as it is to not. The media tends to reflect a standard of physical perfection but all we really need concern ourselves with is staying healthy and looking after the bodies we’re in.