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Your Summer Skincare Survival Kit

Written by Advice Team on May 30, 2018

Long days, hot nights and the blazing heat, summer can really take its toll. We’re talking about that dry skin, irritation and the dreaded razor burn. OUCH! But hey, it's summer and at least the sun is out, so let our advice team help you make the most of the beautiful weather we’re having here in the UK, with our top tips and products to help you feel your best this summer.

Your summer skincare survival kit



1. Always use sunscreen

We know, we know, we sound like your Mum but it’s true, protecting your skin against those nasty UV rays is key to keeping your skin and yourself healthy. Even if your moisturiser contains SPF, it's important to top up your protection throughout the day with a decent factor 30, if not even 50. Might seems a bit over the top but it will keep your skin looking youthful for years to come.


2. Cleanse

For most men summer means sweating. Whether you're working out at the gym or chilling in the sun, you’re likely to sweat which means oil and bacteria gathering and sitting in your pores.

The dirt sitting on your skin can lead to summer spots - not what you want when you have plans for the beach or relaxing with friends in a beer garden. Make sure you’re using a good, quality face wash at least twice a day to keep your skin oil free. A pro tip is to always wash your face directly after a workout or after sweating in the sun.

Our Grace Cole grooming set has the perfect combination of face and body wash to keep you fresh on long summer days.

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3. Should you exfoliate in summer?

The simple answer is yes, but maybe not as much as you might in the colder months. Many dermatologists suggest exfoliating at least once a week during the warmer seasons. This is simply due to the fact that your skin may need that little extra protection. Exfoliating removes layers of dead skin and allows moisturiser to penetrate and nourish. However, if you’re active in the sun at the beach or playing sports, it might be worth holding off on the exfoliants to prevent skin irritation.

We've got all the tips and tricks for exfoliation in our handy guide to why and how men should exfoliate.


4. Moisturise

Skin can become severely dried out from the sun so it becomes even more important to moisturise in summer.

Some men tend to skip this step or even take the ‘I’ll just get the cheapest’ approach to buying a moisturiser. By doing so, you could be setting yourself up for a summer of greasy, dry or irritated skin. Selecting a moisturiser that is specifically tailored to combating the summer sun really does pay off.

Do your research and take some time to understand your skin type, consider your summer activities and if you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun. When selecting a moisturiser remember to consider sun protection too. Many day moisturisers include an SPF mix, top that up with additional sun cream and you’ll be all set for long days lazing in the sunshine.

Anything that is going to top up and support that summer glow has to be worth it. Remember to be on the lookout for ingredients such as aloe vera to cool the skin and vitamin C, which will bring about a brighter complexion.

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5. Shaving with sunburn

It happens to the best of us. What seemed like a breezy but sunny day turned into a very sore and red face come the next morning. It’s best if you can avoid shaving and allow your skin to settle and heal. Apply aftersun and moisturiser liberally to keep the skin from tightening as it dries. It’ll also help prevent some of the peeling process. Shaving with sunburn can lead to irritation and cause the skin to break.

If you can’t avoid not shaving, as well as keeping your skin hydrated with moisturiser, we’d recommend using a pre-shave that contains aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural remedy for sunburn and whilst soothing the skin, a pre-shave balm lifts the hairs and protects your skin by helping the blade glide, instead of tugging at stubble.

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