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Philips TT2021/31 BodyGroom Body Trimmer

a Philips Body Trimmer

Body Trimmer

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Key features

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The all-in-one body-grooming system, exclusively for men, trims and shaves all body zones. It's safe and easy.

Product features

  • 3 combs for different hair lengths - 3 combs provide different fixed length settings of 3, 5 and 7 mm for safe and easy trimming of all body zones
  • Charging stand for convenient storage - Charging stand provides convenient storage and ensures the appliance is fully charged and ready to use
  • Trim and shave all body zones - This Philips bodygroom can both trim and shave all body zones.
  • Wet and dry use; for use in shower and easy cleaning - 100% waterproof Philips shaver makes it convenient to trim and shave your body in the shower and is easy to clean.
  • Safe and less irritation for most comfortable body grooming


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