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Philips BG2024/15 Bodygroom Series 3000 Body Trimmer

a Philips Body Trimmer from the Philips Series 3000 range

Shave and trim underarms, chest, abs, back, shoulders, groin area and legs safely and comfortably with the Philips BodyGroom Series 3000 Body Trimmer. 100% waterproof and is the ultimate skin-friendly body trimmer; hypo-allergenic shaver and pearl tips prevent skin irritation for a smooth shave every time.

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Average rating of 4.9 out of 5
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RRP £33.00 £29.99

Price includes Free UK Delivery

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Key features

  • Trim & shave all body areas
  • 100% waterproof
  • 1 comb included
  • Skin friendly shaver
  • Rechargeable only
  • 8 hour charge for 50 minutes cordless running time
  • Charging stand
  • 110 - 240 volts
  • Battery light indication


Shave and trim while protecting your skin with the Philips bodygroom even in hard-to-reach areas. Create your own style - below the neck - with the Philips BodyGroom.

Total body trim and shave
Safe and comfortable for underarms, chest and abs, back and shoulders, groin area and legs.

Trim and shave head shaves longer hairs in a single stroke
One stroke gives you a skin-friendly, comfortable shave across all body areas.

Hypo-allergenic shaver and pearl tips prevent skin irritation
A hypo-allergenic foil shaver and patented pearl tips prevent skin irritation, providing a reliably smooth body grooming experience.

100% waterproof for use in the shower, and easy cleaning
Trim and shave in comfort, in the shower or outside, wet or dry. To clean, you can simply rinse this groomer under the tap.

50 minutes cordless use after 8 hours charging
The battery lasts for 50 minutes after 8 hours charging.

Battery light indicates the battery status (low/ full)
Battery light glows green when the battery is full, and blinks orange when 10 minutes remain.

1 comb included for 3-mm body hair length
1 comb provides a length setting of 3 mm for safe and easy hair trimming across all body areas

Stand for charging and easy storage
Designed to fit into even the smallest spaces, so you can charge where you want, or take it with you when you travel.

2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed
All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2 year worldwide guarantee, worldwide voltage compatibility, and they never need to be oiled.


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Philips BG2024/15 Bodygroom Series 3000 Body Trimmer Reviews

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Submitted by Gaz on 3 September 2017
5 out of 5

Close shave removing all hairs

Brilliant Shaver

Submitted by Maryam on 3 July 2017
4.5 out of 5

Bought it for my husband as a gift. He loves it and no complains;)


Submitted by Stephen Jones (insta: stephen_jones13) on 10 May 2016
5 out of 5

I compete in bodybuilding and fitness competitions, where the hair obviously has to be removed before the contest. The past 3 weekends, I have done 3 shows, and doing a full body shave once a week using a razor is very invasive and irritable. I have sensitive skin as it is, and obviously being quite a heavy-set guy, a fair few body parts rub together in every day life. I have tried waxing before, and it was a mistake. I have tried shaving with a razor, but, it caused irritation, and I have also tried hair removal creams, and depending on the body part, you are again subjecting yourself to irritation/inflammation. This piece of kit definitely gets close enough to leave you feeling smooth and soft. It works better with some hairs than others, i.e., tough/coarse/thick hairs will obviously get cut by the foil shaver better than the fair, blond ones you find on the back of your triceps, etc., however, the design of the razor allows ease of use. You have basically go over yourself in a paintbrush-style motion, and with a trimmer each side of the foil shaver, and a foil shaver which causes no irritation, you can basically "go at" yourself without any worry. Highly recommended, and problem solver in my situation, and very reasonably priced.

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