Men's Hair Clippers

from Electric Hair Clippers

Hair clippers typically range between £20-£70 depending on the brand and the features that come with the clippers. There is also an option for mains-powered or cordless models, and whilst cordless does seem more convenient, generally speaking, mains-powered will always give full power compared to battery-charged units. Cordless, however, is easier to manoeuvre if you’re cutting your own hair as opposed to a partner or friend doing it for you.

Clipper grades and cutting length are interchangeable and simply mean the millimetre measurement of the comb length used on the clipper. Most hair clippers come with more than one comb attachment to be able to cut the hair to the length that you desire. We’d always recommend purchasing a clipper oil alongside your clipper too. It keeps the blades lubricated and can be used with electric shavers and beard trimmers too.

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